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Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 19:46
Your choice, I'd rather have real food myself
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 19:59
Moogie - yes well said!!

what happened to eating good old fashioned unprocessed nutrient rich FOOD - and when I say food I mean something that doesn't read like a toxic list of chemicals ... grrr :shock:

I read the article and this caption under a couple sitting on the sofa eating rabbit food made my blood boil even more "If you are doing the 5:2, try to make sure your fast day doesn't fall on 25 December.." thats so misinformed and so judgmental
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 20:00
I just glanced over the article... powdered spag bol?? Nah, if I'd've wanted my dinner out of sachets I'd've gone with slimfast or some such other DIET! We're foodies on this ere forum innit :like:
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 20:22
Think back to the second world war - yes, I know we weren't alive then, but the population (if I'm lead to believe correctly) was healthy on what we'd call a meagre diet. They grew it, if they could, they cooked it and they were very ingenious.
We have all grown to the premise that food is readily available; we have too much choice and an awful lot of pressure to make the right choices and look slim.
I'd far rather see today's teens being educated in healthy cooking and eating, rather than opening a packet and adding water.

I'm with Moogie and most of you on this one. Hurrumph!!
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 21:22
@Lighterlife ....we don't need you or your meal replacements on this forum.

Apart from the load of misinformation in that article, why on earth would we want to have chemically produced substitutes when we can have proper food. 5:2 is NOT about meal replacements - it's about eating REAL food.

Powdered spag bol? No way, Pedro!! Disgusting!

IMO, this sort of promotion is inappropriate on this forum
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 21:26
Yuck, yuck, yuck. No thanks, think I'll stick to my chicken or fish with a huge pile of tasty veg or salad. Oh and a yummy bovril at 'lunchtime'
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 21:28
Harrumph indeed! I am with Aunty @PennyForthem
Bah humbug to powdered formulas or formulae!
They can stick it where the monkey stores his nuts! And the nuts would do a whole lot more good.Dem monkeys know whats good for them :grin: :lol:
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 21:38
And I've just noticed EIGHT POUNDS for 4 portions of yukky soup???? That's £2 per portion. I can make enough soup for at least four days for that. nd the shakes are over £2 per portion. It's a lot of money for a packet of chemicals.
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 21:55
Just read the artical. Basically just another way to make money out of this WOE. Business is trying to turn it into a DIET which is how money is made. Unless you buy the books this way of eating needn't cost a penny and we can even save by eating proper quality food in smaller portions as we shrink. Eating this way may also help to make us healthier without recourse to lots of 'nutritious chemicals'.

Not for me thank you. Even the pictures on the packaging are not that enticing!
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 22:53
Meal replacements revolving around high carb foods and chocolate without a vegetable in sight? Sounds very nutritious lol. Also at around £8 per box their slogan should read weight loss made expensive!

Not for me either.
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
17 Dec 2013, 22:59
LighterLife wrote: Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting this thread about FAST. We're really passionate about this product as we believe it really does take the hassle out of 5:2 fasting. Fasting days can be very challenging and it can be tricky to get all the key nutrients your body needs when reducing your calorie intake. Our packs are nutritionally complete - so you're getting everything you need without too much effort.

The feedback we've had from clients so far is that they love the taste – we've got a range of delicious products from soups, to shakes, bars and savoury meals. To prove how great they taste, we'd love to send you a selection of the range to try for yourself.

If you're interested in trying them, please do drop us an email and we can arrange sending them to you. (Best to contact for this)

Thanks again and happy fasting!

P.S. For those who are interested in reading the Mail Online article Chris is referring to, here it is

I guess, it's still not clicking with people, it's not about replacing a meal, it's about cutting a meal or two out all together! Teach your body to burn fat by not feeding it every couple of hours or giving it useless sugars in the form of high-glycemic carbohydrates, learning to have smaller portions, learning what is healthier for us. If you have a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, what have you really learned in the long run? You learn that you MUST have 3 meals a day ..REALLY? :shock: NOT ! Get some gumption and self-discipline and preparedness gathered up and LEARN to FAST, it's not hard and costs nothing!
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
18 Dec 2013, 15:55
As everyone is basically saying what I thought in the first place, I think I'll pass on the free samples! I agree that I'd rather eat 'real' food on my fast days. And let's face, I don't want to encourage them.
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
01 Jan 2014, 21:10
I am new to 5:2 and after reading this post decided to take Melissa up on the offer of some samples to try. I'm not going to start until Monday 6th January, so I'm going to keep an open mind. I have to say that they have been extremely generous with the samples that they have sent so I have lots of variety to kickstart my weightloss. I will keep you posted with my progress
Re: Superdrug & Lighter Life
02 Jan 2014, 02:39
In desperation, I tried Lighterlife a few years ago........after 3 days of their not-so-delicious shakes and having a mouth like the bottom of a hamster's cage, I went in the kitchen one day and looked at the bowl of fruit, which I wasn't allowed. I just thought "What am I doing to myself?", grabbed an apple, binned the remainder of the £50+ week's food and never went back to the meeting - no regrets!
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