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Good grief, my curiosity got the better of me and my wrist size is 7 inches! I am 5ft11 but I now feel like a giant! :bugeyes:
Thanks for all this interesting info :like: I have never thought I had a big frame since I'm barely 5.0 ft tall and have small, narrow feet and narrow hips, but my wrist measures 6 ins and my fingers are what I've always called "pudgy"! I, too, only really need/want to lose 2 kg but that would still give me a BMI of just over 23, which seems relatively high, but probably makes sense now.
Here is another calculator which tells you your ideal weight. ... Size-Wrist
Mine is a small frame (wrist 15cms) so my ideal weight is 57-63kgs which is under 21 on the BMI scale.
Apparently when you are 'obese' your wrists are fatter so it isn't a great measurement in that case.
Thanks Franglaise, according to that calculator I do have a large frame and my weight should be 54 - 61 kg, but I'm 54 kg now and I consider it 2 kg too much :confused:
Thank you Franglaise for posting that site. I am a small frame and the website calculations just confirmed that. My target weight according to the site is 50-56kgs. My target is 55kgs and I shall review and see how I feel when I get there.
Titch22 where are you measuring your wrist? If I measure where my watch is it is bigger and I'd be medium frame so I'm taking the smallest measurement which is nearer to my hand. I'm sure I'm a small frame because I have AA narrow feet and at anything over 65kgs I look on the fat side.
This is facinating! Would anyone else be Interested to see height included in the trackers, as I find it difficult to compare when I see various BMI v weight in relation to my stats?
I'm measuring right on the skinniest point, where it joins my hand! It's quite weird for a tiddler like me to be classed "large" (other than in the bust dept. - and that's relative!).
Just tried the calculator Franglais and apparently I have a small frame !! I really don't - i've just got skinny wrists - just goes to show how difficult it is to categorise us humans.
My frame is medium, although I'm not sure I measured my wrist properly and I'm not sure which wrist to measure (they are different). Anyway, I did my right wrist, I think I did it right and the ideal weight showing is pretty-much my conception regarding ideal weight.
IMO, BMI is just a number to help people realise that they are getting "too fat". When it comes to ideal weight (when we are thin-ish), we can be our own bosses and decide for ourselves.
@gspme: I seem to be a mix of large and small framed too. Small wrists and fingers, larger boned in the hips and shoulders, other body parts are just as random. I'm assuming it averages out to a medium frame size as the ideal weight goals and BMI seem just about right for me personally.
Jed wrote: Just tried the calculator Franglais and apparently I have a small frame !! I really don't - i've just got skinny wrists - just goes to show how difficult it is to categorise us humans.

Have you got fat or thin feet Jed? I always thought the wrist was quite a good measurement. What BMI are you aiming for?
Hmm. I'm definitely a large frame too . 5'7" with size 8 wide feet. Wrist measurement is nearly 7 inches (and I actually have bony wrists!). Sadly still makes me obese though!! :shock:
This is a revelation to me - never measured my wrist before! I have a large frame which I did not know before - so the ideal weight given using the calculator in Franglaise's post would give me a BMI of 23, and I know I look and feel great at that weight so it all makes sense. Let's hope I get to 23 not there yet, think I put on this week......!
Not far to go Mrs H-R! Was a BMI of 23 your original target?
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