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I think it takes time to get to know the people on the forum and how it all works.
I'm comfy here and I can follow all your progress too. Thanks Moogie.
Moogie, How could you think for even a tiny moment that we are going over to the other side. We pioneers have to stick together....there's strength in numbers, and the only numbers falling on this forum are measured in lbs!! :lol:
Moogie, with all the work, love and care that you have put in to making this forum, how could you think that we would desert you? We are all just getting to know each other online and the support is fantastic. It is a lovely friendly place to be and I and I suspect most of us will be going nowhere!!
Some may take a peep at the "other" forums but all it will be is curiosity, you don't leave your friends!
Toni x
dominic wrote: It's pretty big of you to flag it up, Moogie! Competition is good in principle but I can't see a reason for anyone to move. The talking shop is here!

Agreed :like:
I already feel comfortable here and it seems like I know everybody like one big happy, supportive family ! :)
Why would I move when everything I need is here :oops:
Definitely not moving, conversations here too good. :like:
I'm sorry Moogie, you can't get rid of me that easy!!!
Not even interested in looking. This is home.
This is my first ever forum, and it will be my last. Long may you wish it to continue Moogie cos I'm in for the long haul and don't want to go it alone. I've read Kate's book and others but I won't be joining elsewhere. My phone battery ran down today at work and I got withdrawal symptoms, I don't always log on but I lurk a lot having a sneaky peek. :smile:
Bless you all :)
Funny how this thread got necro'd and everyone's replying again!
I like it here- no reason to move :)
What chris057 said! I've never been a member of a forum before but I absolutely love this one. I love the positive vibe, how everyone is kind and helpful and the set up/ look/ progress trackers and everything!!!

Thanks Moogie - you are our goddess and M Mosley is our god! I feel a bit like one of the little people in the locker in Men in Black who formed a society around worship of a digital watch, but I love it here and won't be moving!!
Just popped over to the other side and I can assure you I 'm staying put. Thanks Moogie,Carorees and everyone else who make this such a great forum.
Much prefer it here. I'm staying!
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