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I'm starting today and will post my results next week.
I'm trialing it this week and today is my 3rd fast this week. I plan to do Friday too. Not something I want to repeat if I'm totally honest, but I have a quiet week and I'm curious as to what happens.
Welcome by the way! :clover:
I read that after a while it self-regulates your appetite. If that is true, it's worth it to me.
Hi and welcome to the forum. I find that just fasting for 2 days a week has regulated my appetite (from week one). I'm very shocked that I'm eating a lot less on non-fast days without even trying. Good luck :)
If you haven't fasted before why not just ease into it on 5.2? If it is manageable you can always increase your fasting days once your body adapts. It's good to be determined and enthusiastic, but on the other hand you could just be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Yet another failed diet... The appetite suppression kicks in on 5.2 as well, and although you don't say what your starting weight is I am presuming it's high? Quite a few forum members have a lot to lose and are losing it successfully and enjoying the 5.2 wol without the added stress of so many extra days fasting. if you are very overweight you probably didn't get there overnight so if weight loss is to be successful that won't be overnight either.
:clover: for the journey ahead, however you decide to do it.
I do every 3rd day, or thereabouts. As long as there are 2 days fast in a week I am happy. But every third day, brings weeks which have three fast days in them. Grab a calendar and dot every third day and you will see what I mean. Its easy enough for me as I don't really have a social life at the weekends to work around. But most other people find it hard to fast at the weekends.

Start off easy and work your way up to the more aggressive forms of this WOE, if you feel the need to by then.

The most important aspect to this way of eating for me is its sustainability. I can continue to fast 2 or 3 days a week for the rest of my life, whereas being more restrictive than that would have put me off in the first month. I have tried 'alternate Day' fasting and the end result was about a 2oz a week improvement of weight loss. But it interfered with my family life so much it wasn't sustainable, not for a half pound a month extra weight loss.

I have a total of 140lb to lose, and have lost 40lb of it already
I started on ADF and it was fine, then went to 4:3 as I wanted the weekends unrestricted. I didn't find it that difficult, all the same issues as just 2 days a week. Only thing I wouldn't do is two consecutive days.

Have a play with the Tracker as you might find that it won't make much difference for you but it does depend on lots of factors, so filter to see the results for your demographic.
Hi Joyce and Welcome :heart:
I do 4:3 each week and I throw in sometimes one or two @ 16:8
So not quite ADF but very close :heart:
And yes this WOL has readjusted my appetite definitely my meals are also bigger than they were but of course healthier choices now.
Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do, and as you can see its working for me most definitely. Good. Luck : :clover: Sue. :clover:
I found that my appetite was self regulating from day one. I track calories on non fast days with my fitness pal and am often surprised at how healthily I'm eating, almost without trying. ( leaving aside the big chocolate muffin I had this morning!)
I do and much to my surprise I am not finding it too hard. In fact I seem to have got myself into a nice little routine. This is my second week only though. Once I have moved my BMI from obese to overweight(an interim goal!!) I hope to drop it to 4:3.
joyceshachia wrote: I'm starting today and will post my results next week.

I have been, whilst I ve a) been between jobs b) had a plateau to bust c) not been getting that much exercise.

Its not something I especially recommend!
I do 4:3, so not quite ADF. I tried to switch to 5:2 a few times, but found it difficult to fast after having so many non-fast days. The rhythm of 4:3 suits me. In the beginning the hardest fast for me was the third day of ADF, and the easiest was the first; i.e., the weekly two consecutive non-fast days was key. At some point I'll probably switch to Julieathome's every third day approach.
I have been doing mon, weds and the fri. But fri might sometimes become a 16.8 along with the remaining days of the week. It becomes a habit more than anything.
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