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Feeling shaky and sick... help
09 Apr 2013, 03:06
Evening of my fast and i was feeling pretty good all day, now im feeling nasous, light headed, and shaky... what should i do or is this normal
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Have you eaten anything? Have you had any salty drink? You might be needing a bit of salt, try some bouillon or soup.
ive had my 500 cals today... this sick feeling wont go away i just dont know if this is apart of the process or if something is wrong
Dissolve half a stock cube in a mug of water, or a teaspoon of bouillon powder ... =255956181

Only 12 calories and some sodium to make up for what you've lost on reduced calories. May help with the light head.
If you recently started on this WOE, it's not unusual to have these symptoms. Lasted for the first three fasts in my case, including headaches, bad sleep and being very grumpy. After that, no problems.
Keep your fluids up, especially something like bouillon/stock/OXO might help. A spoon of honey in a cup of tea might also help.
Good luck!
Indeed, don't be afraid to go over by 20 cals or so, it won't matter and if the salty drink helps then it's more than worthwhile!
Thanks everyone for your advice:) I went to bed and woke up feeling better today. I have another fast day on thursday and im hopeing to have a better experience.
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