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Hi everyone, I have a question.
I have read previsously someone posting about having bad breath (can't find the post anymore) in the morning since starting this diet. I have noticed the same thing and I really wonder if there is any explanation about it. Moreover I have noticed that since I started 5:2 i don't go to the loo (not for peeing :oops: )so often anymore. If before it was a daily activity, now maybe it happens every 3 days. Any ideas why? Is it just because we eat less (not that much anyway)?
Hello Juliusi
I seem to remember that the bad breath can be caused by the body burning ketones/going into ketosis- This is a good thing as it is a sign of fat burning.
There is a long thread about the change in toilet habits running just now. I'll post the link when I find it.
found it

I have suffered from bad breathe but a few tic tacs does the job, also I wee loads but not no 2. That tends to slow down till the next day.

Doesn't bother me, just less food going through,
Hi janeg, thank you for the link. I went through all of it and above all the reference link to the other forum where there is a scientific approach to the matter :razz: . On the other side it is quite interesting how much importance we give to the subject. At the end of the day it is something that comes and goes and therefore shouldn't even be taken into consideration, but I think we should look at the overall picture. As in my case, and I don't mind that much (one less thing to do and waste of time anyway), I am still going very rarely and don't feel bloated (hope is the right term) or anything else. As per the bad breath I hope it is how you are saying and therefore take it as a good sing. Thanks for your thoughts. Have a nice day. J
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