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slow and steady by Sallyo on 10 Jun 2013, 03:40
It's weigh in day. 2 weeks ago I managed to get below 75kg. Then last week I was back up to 75kg. But no grams, so that was the 2nd lowest weight. 74.6kg is my lowest weight. Today it was 74.8kg. So there is a new 2nd lowest. My waist is holding at 92cm, which means I have lost 9cm off my waist. Not bad.

Yes,it is disappointing not to be losing weight every week like some people. But, I am not prepared to count calories on non fast days. I may lose weight quicker, but I'd put it on quicker too, because it wouldn't be sustainable for me. That is the key idea for me. Sustainable. This has to be a way of eating that I can stick to.

I have to think of the big picure. It has taken me 20 years, from age 40 to age 60 to put on all this weight. I used to be quite a normal weight. I can take a year or two to get back to that. It's winter, I am not putting weight back on.

So that's my little pep talk to myself. I can do it, one day at a time, one fast at a time. Slowly and steady.

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UPDATE by cwarrior on 15 May 2016, 20:49
Six months on from my last fast. In the final months of the PhD it was just too hard to fast and study. I've put weight on as a result, not sure how much as I dare not get on the scales. PhD submitted,...

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is this blog working? by Mouse FX on 17 Apr 2016, 22:32
:?: I do not see my posts, if this is not working for me, what ever... I tried! I'm DONE with trying to post!...

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Cholesterol, friend or foe? by tuna85 on 04 Apr 2016, 20:54
Cholesterol. More and mroe scientists agree that cholesterol is a defensive reaction of your body when eating processed foods (these foods suffer destruction procedures of vital substances such as hydrogenation,...

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Day Zero! by kimbrulee on 04 Mar 2016, 21:23
I found the "My Blog" function! I am so happy! This is EXACTLY what I wanted: a place to journal specifically about IF-ing.

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Day 30 Fast Day by teddybear on 25 Nov 2015, 18:45
Weight 9s 5.5

So much has happened. Usually when I miss a few days I update according to MFP bu I just don't have time anymore. I told you I thought something special was goning to happen. It just happened...

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Re: New beginnings by chingola on 08 Feb 2016, 15:39
I have just started IF again after a long gap. Finding 18.8 more doable at the moment, with similar rate of weight loss. Only time will tell if this will be more successful long term. Good luck Wolfie....

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Re: Day 11 Semi Fast 7th Nov by teddybear on 09 Nov 2015, 14:32
This should say 6th November not 7th oops

RE: Oh dear! by loversghost on 19 Aug 2015, 19:53
Good to see you back @Bobshouse - very sorry to hear of your loss and like @Sallyo says - be kind to yourself. Sending you best wishes.

Re: Ho hum, back again... by ferretgal on 06 Aug 2015, 22:39
Bluebirdie, if you look at many of my posts (even my signature!) you'll see I'm a nut on the "this is my Way of Life, for Life" approach--have lost 32+ lbs and while I'd like to lose more, I'm...

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Re: Losing weight, giving up alcohol... and now EXERCISING? by ferretgal on 03 Aug 2015, 19:54
Hi jay52; I started at 208lbs and am 5'7"...now hovering around 176 plus or minus, a little over a year in. I did give up booze for 6 weeks, but am back to having my daily beer and occasional glass...

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