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Tried every which way to lose weight. by Jpartie on 22 Apr 2013, 12:58
Thought I would start a blog and post my progress
55 yrs
6 2"
yo yo dieter.
Started 5/2 at 16 st 3lbs, 1st April 2013.
Current weight 15st 11lbs
I have been over eating and having the odd binge on feed days and need to clean up my feed days and eat homemade fresh food. I follow a paleo style diet. I read Marks daily apple most days.

I have been over exercising and burning up 1000 calories on runs where I stop at a bench and do press ups, tricep dips etc
I then get very hungry on feed days and over eat.

I am a recovering alcoholic and have a tendency to overeat over exercise and over anything really.

Loved this quote in Sunday Telegraph yesterday by Lionel Shriver;
" Historically, it wasn't that long ago that we were slaves to our stomachs - farming, foraging and hunting the livelong day to survive. The great advantage to widely available, affordable food really ought to be release from this unrelenting struggle to feed ourselves. Instead, we now devote the same energies...

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Our of Practice Blogging here... by rawkaren on 18 Jan 2015, 03:57
Not sure what to write - it has been so long since I posted here! Since the November post, I did go back to fasting until the end of the year. It is a habit that has been so firmly ingrained, the familiarity...

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No. 105lbs is not "fantastic" by SSure on 15 Jan 2015, 14:52
Someone on another forum congratulated me on my "fantastic" weight today (weigh-in of 105lbs). And asked if I'm in weight-loss mode or maintenance.

I almost cried in frustration and it was...

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New Year and back in the fast-saddle again? by LadanTrying on 13 Jan 2015, 14:56
Welp. new year... and today is fast day #3 since restarting after a two week break and two months overall into this WOE. I weighed in last Friday and had managed to only gain about 500g from the break...

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Finally Seem To Have Found My Rhythm by RiverCityChick on 13 Jan 2015, 07:46
So, I finally seem to have found my rhythm with this fasting thing. If I don't eat anything until around midday (or midnight, depending on which shift we're on), I'm never miserably hungry. I've found...

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Hop skip and jump by carieoates on 10 Jan 2015, 17:51
I'm hoping to reach my goal soon.

Haven't made a blog entry for nearly a year prob because bean and I have a joint one "Bean and Oates"

The Christmas challenge alongside sober for October...

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Re: Our of Practice Blogging here... by carieoates on 19 Jan 2015, 18:35
Same here Karen....been almost a year for me. But once you start it all comes back to you. Plus I want to celebrate my reaching goal here too,

Re: Hop skip and jump by carieoates on 18 Jan 2015, 10:23
Ha ha
I will be wearing bikinis, always have even though I maybe shouldn't have. But whenever I go away there's always someone bigger or less toned than me sporting a two piece and I may never see them...

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Re: Hop skip and jump by rawkaren on 18 Jan 2015, 04:02
Wow Carie. You are on a serious roll. Hope you are going bikini shopping in anticipation! Well done :-)

Re: Update by rawkaren on 18 Jan 2015, 03:23
Great job Bobshouse!

Re: No. 105lbs is not "fantastic" by rawkaren on 18 Jan 2015, 03:21
How frustrating for you SSure. I had not appreciated how much the loss of muscle mass was impacting you in such a major way even though you are clearly very fit.

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