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Feeling very positive - 5lbs down. by mrsdanvers on 23 Apr 2013, 09:10
Weigh-in today and I've lost 5lbs :victory:

So I'm back to where I started on the 19th March which for me is excellent news. My Easter excesses have been removed.

I managed two days fasting Thursday and Saturday pretty well by drinking lots of liquids, and ate sensibly on the other days. This looks like the key to making this work for me. No boom and bust. If I eat "what I want" on the non-fast days I'll probably undermine the good work on the fast days.

Positives: As many people have said I felt alert and energised on the fast days and wasn't inclined to "make up for lost calories" the day after.

Fasting today.

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Here we go yet again by Bobshouse on 26 Nov 2014, 12:58
I have spent a long time telling myself no more dieting. Fasting was working well until life sabotaged my efforts. I went straight back to binge, starve, binge which is a constant problem for me. The weight...

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Monday & Tuesday Food Log Entry by egregious on 25 Nov 2014, 21:45
small piece of cake mid morning
Left over curry with small piece garlic bread

managed to abstein from dessert...

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7 fast days in... by LadanTrying on 25 Nov 2014, 21:15
Yet another rambling blog.. if anyone actually reads this, please accept my apologies for maintaining a 'boring' blog writing style... this feels more like stream of consciousness than anything else. But...

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So how did I do? by Bobshouse on 25 Nov 2014, 17:30
......not tooooo bad. Did 12 hours but then had an impromptu meal out en famille! Chinese so definetly had too many calories but hey Rome was not built in a day. First big challenge is to stop bingeing....again....

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Sunday Food Log Entry by egregious on 24 Nov 2014, 18:06
Sunday 23rd Food log entry
Didn't meet my 'fruit for lunch' goal today as I came back from the shops and the husband had made me a sandwich. Well it would have been rude and ungrateful to refuse. ...

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Re: 7 fast days in... by loversghost on 26 Nov 2014, 13:04
I think the 'soldiering on' thing is the main thing - till I did this it was a concept I never really grasped - I went on 'diets' , lost a bit, invariably fell off the wagon and thought 'I've blown it'...

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Re: Two weeks in.. by LadanTrying on 25 Nov 2014, 20:41
Aww, thank you @Marybeth! :)

Re: Help by Sallyo on 23 Nov 2014, 23:15
Bonjour Chezbob! Je suis heureuse do vous voir ici. Je ne parle pas le français très bien, mais je l'essaie. Bien venue a la fasting site et courage pour votre faste aujourd'hui.

Re: Autmun Sabotage by egregious on 23 Nov 2014, 11:37
Thanks Karen. Yeah I put a small amount in a pot (well sometimes) otherwise I would just keep eating it.

Re: Autmun Sabotage by rawkaren on 22 Nov 2014, 20:44
I think there is a problem with the blog area at the moment. It seems a tad neglected. I asked a while ago if they could put the edit function back, but it's not happened so not your fault! At least...

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