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So, I'm one week and 4 fasts into this WOE and I've lost 5lb! I admit that I may have cheated a little as I was sick yesterday, but I'm really pleased with this (and really glad the sickness fell on a fast day - I would have been really peeved to have vomited my way through a feed day!).

I haven't calorie counted at all on my feed days, I've just listened to my body and have eaten what I've wanted until comfortably full and then stopped. I did overdo it one evening and went to bed uncomfortably full, I found it really difficult to settle to sleep with this great weight just sitting in my gut. Conversely I have found I am unable to settle with an empty stomach either, so I save some kcals for a bedtime snack.

I won't lie and say the fasting has been easy, but there is something uplifting about controlling yourself to this degree. It is with great delight I have totted up my daily intake and have come in under target each day. Sitting with my stomach rumbling (I think I have super...

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Another glorious sunny morning, though I am not sure for how long...

I did fast (almost) til evening yesterday. I started to get hungry later in the morning, but managed without food til the drive home...

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Well, it shouldn't have "had to happen" - but it did - an evening of real overindulging.

Lots of contributing factors I think. Already "fed-up" with my challenge, despite a good first...

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But start of second week of challenge. Hmm. Was a Saturday but did end up not fasting, as I expected. Didn't eat til lunchtime, but was hungry all afternoon and in the evening did have a few nibbles. "Healthy"...

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Week 1 of challenge done. Yay!

Overall reasonably happy - though if I can't do okay in week 1, what hope is there for the rest of the time!!

I think I did eat more than I wanted yesterday, tho, and the...

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Well, I must admit that I am feeling quite good on day seven of the challenge. (It is confusing having different days for my blog to the days for the challenge - oh well.)

Yesterday I really did appreciate...

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You are doing so well Sassy1. I like your idea of some balance with the grains. Sometimes a lovely piece of bread is what you need!
Another wet and dreary day tomorrow. Where is Spring?!

I have just started IF again after a long gap. Finding 18.8 more doable at the moment, with similar rate of weight loss. Only time will tell if this will be more successful long term. Good luck Wolfie....

This should say 6th November not 7th oops
Good to see you back @Bobshouse - very sorry to hear of your loss and like @Sallyo says - be kind to yourself. Sending you best wishes.
Bluebirdie, if you look at many of my posts (even my signature!) you'll see I'm a nut on the "this is my Way of Life, for Life" approach--have lost 32+ lbs and while I'd like to lose more, I'm...