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First Fast Day coming to a close.... by Strodeinator on 22 Jul 2013, 19:35
That's my first fast day nearly in the bag and I don't think I'm being too optimistic in posting now rather than leaving until tomorrow and the reason is....I feel pretty good, slight headache but have just eaten dinner and its starting to subside.

My day started with a lovely smoothie at 07:00 followed 12 hours later by a lovely Vietnamese Curry with asparagus and french beans, blooming lovely it was too! A mere 419 calories for the day so right now I'm feeling pretty chuffed but also surprised I haven't drowned; the amount of water I have consumed which by most standards would probably be considered normal but for me was an ocean.

Fasting is an odd feeling, I feel cleansed and healthy and after a weekend of feeling overly stuffed for no apparent reason it makes a great change. I'm looking forward to tomorrow not to pig out but to actually eat less than I normally would and feeling a little hungry today made me realise I have been eating far too much.

Tomorrow is a 'normal' eating...

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12 weeks until my wedding by Hollycheese on 16 May 2015, 08:07
So here I am back at FASTDAY. I now have a major incentive - I am getting married in 12 weeks time. It will be a very tiny wedding but I still want to look nice. I have 19lbs to loose - I will settle...

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Becoming a DODO! by Hazelnut20 on 01 May 2015, 09:19
Crikey - am nearing the end of the DODO challenge already! Time for an update....

I need these challenges because they hold me accountable. Decided to do this one because of the difficulty I have with...

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calling it quits by Sallyo on 28 Apr 2015, 13:09
I've decided to stop DODOing for now. What with everything that is going on with Tony, it's just too hard. Being in someone else's house and all that, it's too hard. I don't need to add that extra complication....

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Willpower! by ferretgal on 27 Apr 2015, 17:32
Have you read "Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength"?
It was in the new quite a bit when it first came out; the basic premise (of course, there's much more to it in the book!)...

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last week of DODO by Sallyo on 26 Apr 2015, 22:51
So begins another week of DODO. I'll be so glad to get back to 5:2. I'm at home now. Came back for the Green training day on Saturday and to welcome Emily yesterday. She is staying with us for a month...

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Re: Willpower! by ADFnFuel on 28 Apr 2015, 05:21
Somehow missed that one but will look at it at Amazon. I have read "The Willpower Instinct" by Kelly McGonigal several times. Highly recommended with enough practical psychology behind it...

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Re: Still working on it ... by AussieNisi on 23 Apr 2015, 23:48
I sure hope so, SSure!

Re: Still working on it ... by SSure on 21 Apr 2015, 07:55
I can only hope that in the period when 5:2 wasn't altering your weight it was, nonetheless, priming your metabolic state in a healthy way so that when matters aligned to support your weight loss, then...

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Re: Still working on it ... by AussieNisi on 19 Apr 2015, 22:35
SSure wrote:Excellent news about the dose reduction and the non-fast days. Good Luck for next week.

Thanks — yes, it's good that I can include dairy and gluten b...

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Re: Climbing back up the FastDiet Mountain... by SSure on 18 Apr 2015, 07:17
It's so dispiriting when a slide and regain happens but well done for recognising it and persevering to discover the pattern that best suits you.

Good Luck!

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