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Monday fast by Bobshouse on 25 Mar 2013, 08:48
My journey continues. I have now established my two fast days, know that I am better having one evening meal and have now sorted the 500 cal bit. I am not going to be frantically working it all out to 500. I plan a meal that keeps me within my limit but if I do not use them all then so be it. I have just about removed processed food from my diet, the biggest challenge has been biscuits. I am now making my own and as they are more filling and have less sugar and no chemicals are better for me. Still battling to reduce what I eat on other days as I know it is too much much but Rome was not built in a day! I am looking at this as a journey and I am enjoying the view on the way. This plan is correcting my thinking and unhealthy relationship with food.

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last week of DODO by Sallyo on 26 Apr 2015, 22:51
So begins another week of DODO. I'll be so glad to get back to 5:2. I'm at home now. Came back for the Green training day on Saturday and to welcome Emily yesterday. She is staying with us for a month...

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too complicated by Sallyo on 25 Apr 2015, 13:51
Just saying, sorry blog to be away so long. I have been in Launceston. Didn't fast today. Had a Green training day here and it was at my place and people had brought food, so it would have been too hard...

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Changing my course( 5:2 vs basic If or one meal a day??) by JUNE_2015_Bride on 23 Apr 2015, 05:18
Ok so I think I need to once again brush myself off and change courses. Somewhere along the line 3:4 started falling apart for me. I think alotmod the problem comes from the kind of lifestyle I lead and...

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Climbing back up the FastDiet Mountain... by Tammae on 17 Apr 2015, 13:52
I was on top of the Onederland Mountain at Christmas. Then I slipped on a rock and fell half way down. For 3 1/2 months I have struggled to climb back into Onederland and today I finally made it to the...

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Apples by Sallyo on 17 Apr 2015, 01:15
DODO fast #5. I continue to worry about the 'diety' nature of doing this. I do feel deprived. The fast days come up relentlessly. I never get to recover before it's on me again. And I haven't lost any...

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Re: Still working on it ... by AussieNisi on 23 Apr 2015, 23:48
I sure hope so, SSure!

Re: Still working on it ... by SSure on 21 Apr 2015, 07:55
I can only hope that in the period when 5:2 wasn't altering your weight it was, nonetheless, priming your metabolic state in a healthy way so that when matters aligned to support your weight loss, then...

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Re: Still working on it ... by AussieNisi on 19 Apr 2015, 22:35
SSure wrote:Excellent news about the dose reduction and the non-fast days. Good Luck for next week.

Thanks — yes, it's good that I can include dairy and gluten b...

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Re: Climbing back up the FastDiet Mountain... by SSure on 18 Apr 2015, 07:17
It's so dispiriting when a slide and regain happens but well done for recognising it and persevering to discover the pattern that best suits you.

Good Luck!

Re: Apples by SSure on 17 Apr 2015, 21:16
" I can do without breakfast if I'm doing 5:2 but not every other day. It just makes me feel so depressed. "

I think that's an interesting observation. I often feel this is why different fasting...

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