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First blog, first week! Wow what a week.

I bought the book at the airport last week and read it within 24 hours. The next day I was ready to start! No time like the present.

I too was a bit fed up with the same old diets, weight watchers, slimming world, Atkins, high protein, low carbs. I started each with a gusto and then soon went downhill, they were never sustainable.

I like 4:3 as I know I'm a few days away from a bottle of wine and a few chocs, this time without guilt.

I'm doing 4:3 as I have a long weekend around a pool, in the sun in a few weeks and I want to be a size smaller.

The big news is, since this time last week I have lost 7.5lbs.

I have fasted 3 days but let me tell you on Saturday I was out dining in a Thai restaurant, had too much wine and polished off a creme egg and a bag of hula hoops on the way home. I also ate well other non fast days.

I know the results will slow down, but I feel I will stick to this, I'm not a slave to the same old diet week in week out....

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Short History: F/47/UK Lifelong weight issues. Heaviest weight 230, lightest 150 (I'm 5ft 8) I went from 230 to 150 in 2010. I weighed 150 for less than 1 day on my wedding day (so that was cool!) then...

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This week I recorded a loss of 2.8lbs - which took me to a total of 28.8lbs 7 weeks!!!

Very nice psychological boost to get very slightly past the 2 stone mark! We're never happy though,...

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Just when you think things couldn't get any better....they go and get better!

I don't pretend to understand the ins & outs....but I jumped on the scales on Monday last....and found to my absolute...

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Hello viewers!

Delighted to say that I lost 2.2lbs in Week 5 - bringing the total to exactly a stone and a half! Am chuffed to little meatballs....

It's given me such a boost, I can tell you. Clothes...

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Oh deep joy...and all that! Lost 3lbs in Wk 4...bringing the total up to 19lbs lost in 4 weeks!!

I have never in all my forays into dieting, absolutely never, lost weight every week for 4 weeks! Mother...

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I have just started IF again after a long gap. Finding 18.8 more doable at the moment, with similar rate of weight loss. Only time will tell if this will be more successful long term. Good luck Wolfie....

This should say 6th November not 7th oops
Good to see you back @Bobshouse - very sorry to hear of your loss and like @Sallyo says - be kind to yourself. Sending you best wishes.
Bluebirdie, if you look at many of my posts (even my signature!) you'll see I'm a nut on the "this is my Way of Life, for Life" approach--have lost 32+ lbs and while I'd like to lose more, I'm...

Hi jay52; I started at 208lbs and am 5'7" hovering around 176 plus or minus, a little over a year in. I did give up booze for 6 weeks, but am back to having my daily beer and occasional glass...