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I am trying to fast today, a Sunday, with all my family around. Let's see how that goes. Well, I won't have to feed the kids as my hubby can mainly do that. Next week is my daughter's birthday so part of the week will be taken up with making cake. I can't really resist temptation there and then the party will be.
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Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Bike since i noted, upright exercise bikes have been completely popular for an extended time, and there are even more reasons to like them now, as each new model issued...

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There are thousands of pet stores online and various kinds of dog beds for sale in the market. You may be overwhelmed...

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More days gone than I thought since I last blogged!

Finished week 5 of challenge feeling fine, felt very good on Saturday and wrote some rather sanctimonious (??) posts, for which I was paid back in full...

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Not getting the problem now...
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Well, I am a bit behind with this. The week has been and continues to be busy, but I am taking a break before lunch to update this.

Continuing from my previous blog entry, I had another "good"...

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You're doing great !!
This is in response to wmr309's comments on the fasting today thread.

Yes, I can be obsessive... I totally agree about the benefits / approach of 5:2. My blog from today might explain my issue a bit more??...

You are doing so well Sassy1. I like your idea of some balance with the grains. Sometimes a lovely piece of bread is what you need!
Another wet and dreary day tomorrow. Where is Spring?!

I have just started IF again after a long gap. Finding 18.8 more doable at the moment, with similar rate of weight loss. Only time will tell if this will be more successful long term. Good luck Wolfie....

This should say 6th November not 7th oops