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It's weird how your body soon adjusts by Littlebo on 17 Aug 2013, 15:56
I went out to lunch today for the 1st time since I have started this amazing diet, I didn't think about the food as I was with my friends and I chose the lowest calorie item, but it was still quite heavy because it was Italian food, but now 2hrs later I feel sluggish, bloated and not feeling too great. It is my 1st mistake not thinking about how I would feel with all that food inside me, I am now going to do another 500 cal day tomorrow to overcome this feeling and the next time I will consider what restaurant I go to, so sorry Jamie Oliver your food is amazing but you will not see me for a while as my weight loss is too important to me, so lots of water for me to flush my system,

Roll on tomorrow ...

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Day 30 Fast Day by teddybear on 25 Nov 2015, 18:45
Weight 9s 5.5

So much has happened. Usually when I miss a few days I update according to MFP bu I just don't have time anymore. I told you I thought something special was goning to happen. It just happened...

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Day 22 Feed Day 17th Nov by teddybear on 18 Nov 2015, 10:45
Day 22 on the diet. It's going by quickly and I'm down about 2.5 pounds in 3 weeks. I had hoped to be more but I know its my own fault - weekends are a mare and I have been eating the wrong types of food...

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Day 21 Fast Mon 16th Nov by teddybear on 18 Nov 2015, 10:40

I don't mind about the fluctuation. I actually expected it to be worse. I have to hit 9st 5 this week - I just have to so going to work hard. Its my birthday on Sunday so it will be dinner...

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Day 20 15th Nov Day off by teddybear on 18 Nov 2015, 10:33
Baby not sleeping at all. His regime has been totally thrown by being in the hotel. I know it will be back to square 1 now Sunday but what can we do. I have woken up feeling pretty hungover and sick. I...

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Day 19 Sat 14th Nov day off by teddybear on 18 Nov 2015, 10:28
Well in the hotel and all bets off.

Bfast: sausages and pudding (619)
Lunch: wine and chips (618)
Dinner: wine, chips,garlic bread (1260)

I didn't like my main course so very carby day. Total of 2497....

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Re: Day 11 Semi Fast 7th Nov by teddybear on 09 Nov 2015, 14:32
This should say 6th November not 7th oops

RE: Oh dear! by loversghost on 19 Aug 2015, 19:53
Good to see you back @Bobshouse - very sorry to hear of your loss and like @Sallyo says - be kind to yourself. Sending you best wishes.

Re: Ho hum, back again... by ferretgal on 06 Aug 2015, 22:39
Bluebirdie, if you look at many of my posts (even my signature!) you'll see I'm a nut on the "this is my Way of Life, for Life" approach--have lost 32+ lbs and while I'd like to lose more, I'm...

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Re: Losing weight, giving up alcohol... and now EXERCISING? by ferretgal on 03 Aug 2015, 19:54
Hi jay52; I started at 208lbs and am 5'7"...now hovering around 176 plus or minus, a little over a year in. I did give up booze for 6 weeks, but am back to having my daily beer and occasional glass...

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Re: Oh dear! by Sallyo on 30 Jul 2015, 19:18
Thinking of you, Bobshouse. Hard times. Be kind and gentle with yourself. xxxxx

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