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15 weeks and 24 pounds by redhead on 10 May 2013, 20:46
15 weeks and 24 pounds

I'm at the end of my 15th week doing 5:2 and I've been reflecting and doing some number crunching so thought it was a good time to record a bit more detail on my journey.

I've never been hugely overweight, but at the start of this year I was tipping the overweight BMI category and really felt heavy after slowly putting on about 2 stone in the last 5-10 years (I'm in my mid 30s). I was nearly 12 stone at the start of the year and about 5ft 8. I certainly felt big and had difficulty finding clothes that looked nice.

I was up and down in weight during the last 10 years - losing a bit, putting a bit on and so on. But I've never dieted (couldn't ever stick to anything - I have terrible willpower) so my weight was never in my control. I only lost when I was busy at work or whatever. Not because I made a conscious, controlled choice.

I discovered the Eat Fast Live Longer programme and book in January and decided to give it a go. I often skipped breakfast...

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back on the 5:2 after a BAAAAAADDD summer by prunella on 21 Oct 2014, 17:44
I'm back to the forum, thanks to emails from Moogie, encouraged by all the recent posts. My weight yesterday (first fast day) was 9st 9.4lbs, so not (quite) back to square one. I succeeded in the Easter...

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Completely Different Food by rawkaren on 19 Oct 2014, 20:29
I have just about changed over my store cupboard ingredients - putting my old 'healthy' stuff on the top shelf and re-stocked with keto friendly food. Well the healthy stuff was not doing anything so...

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More Research by rawkaren on 18 Oct 2014, 05:20
Living and working in Silicon Valley means I'm surrounded by geeks who spend alot of time talking about biohacking and continuing to find ways to improve fitness and mental performance. Bulletproof IF...

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Four Month Check-In by Tammae on 13 Oct 2014, 12:32
This week's weigh in shows -34 lbs in the four months I have fasted. Last week I gained one lb...weird. This week I lost a total of 6. I never dreamed my body would drop that much weight in one week...

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Weekend Fast by rawkaren on 11 Oct 2014, 19:35
I have not been able to stick to Fast-5 this week. I have been away from home holed up in a hotel meeting room with no windows for most of the week at a conference. I managed 16:8 for most of the week,...

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Re: Four Month Check-In by rawkaren on 18 Oct 2014, 05:07
Wow! Congratulations on an amazing week (and year) for you!

Re: Weekend Fast by rawkaren on 13 Oct 2014, 15:45
Thanks Sallyo. I have just found out OH cant come out this weekend. I'm gutted, but on the upside, it means I can try and lose a pound or two before he sees me next ...

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Re: Weekend Fast by Sallyo on 13 Oct 2014, 07:31
Good for you Karen. Your life sounds so complex. You think about it really well.

Re: September 2014 Review... by Tammae on 01 Oct 2014, 21:27
Thanks! No secret here... Just low carb and 4:3. Thanks for the comment!

Re: Gearing up for the Christmas Club Challenge by rawkaren on 01 Oct 2014, 03:41
Yess Tammae, I have done it before so know what to expect. It's easy when you are off it and going back is horrible. Need to remember that!

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