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I am absolutely gutted. I had 2 nights out last week, both of which were a little boozy, but not really extraordinary. I have been fasting faithfully, at a time when i would like to do nothing more than comfort eat. I have been as active as ever, though have recently increased the size of my hand weights in my workout and from that am a little sore. I have been diligently drinking 1.5-2 litres of water a day. And yet the scales showed an increase of 1100 grams.

The only thing I'm thinking is the step up in hand weights. Could that be it?
Anything is possible. But, easy on, easy off: 5-2-diet-chat-f6/the-scale-tale-t7660.html
It's disheartening isn't it? But I agree with easy on easy off especially with this WOE. It could be down to so many things. If you see a steady increase over a period of weeks then I think you might need to look at how much you are eating on non fast days, but otherwise it could just be a blip.

How often are you weighing? I weigh daily and enter my weight into an app. I can see an overall downward line with occasional ups and downs.

Cheer up! They coud be gone by tomorrow like in simcoeluv's post :)

And yes, from what I've read on here, it could possible be the weights.
Disheartening is certainly the word!!

But I have been known to gain more than that over a weekend, in fact in between the 9th & the 12th of this month I gained 1200 gms :shock: but half of it is already back off & I haven't tried toooo hard as I'm on holiday.

Have faith & please don't succumb to comfort eating, you know you'll regret it :heart:
This has happened to me. It seems to happen to most people I think from reading on here. A lot depends on the transit in your gut - if you get my drift. I won't go into more depth on here its breakfast time, but something as simple as that can cause a rise in the scales. Don't despair it will come off by next week and probably more with it.
It could easily be water weight to repair your muscles. Or water weight from something you have eaten. Try not to worry. It will most likely be gone before you know it.
Dodgy scales - I'll bet u will be fine by next weigh in
A salty meal can easily put a Kg on me. I don't eat a lot of salt normally and often notice restaurant food tasts salty. Anyway it goes quickly when I get back to normal salt intake. And drink some extra water
Most likely water weight for any number of reasons. I doubt you consumed the extra 7,000 calories it would take to gain 2lbs :)
Lets see, how many reasons there are to put on a temporary 'blip' of 1 kg or 2.2 lbs.

You would have had to eat an extra 10,000 to put on the 2lbs. This is made up of the 3,000kcals you were down in the week from fasting, plus the 7,000kcals needed to add that much fat.

1 pint of lager = 227 kcals . Did you drink 44 pints of lager this weekend?
If you did then I'm amazed you weren't in hospital. If not what could be the reason?

Water weight- Too much salt in restaurant meals. Hormonal cycle, wheat intolerance, protective fluids for sore muscles.

Also add in the contents of your alimentary canal. Just being a big constipated can add a kilo to your weight.

Not weighing at the same time of the day. I can put on 3kg between morning (naked and after using the toilet) and the evening, depending on water retention, whats in my bladder etc.

The help and reassurance on this forum has helped me through quite a few blips. Knowledge is power, knowing that any ups can be countered with the next fast day and cutting out whatever has caused the water retention, has really helped me to stick with it, even though I have a very long way to go yet.
After the shock of the scale this morning I thought I'd try measuring myself to see if that would console me. Not really - my measurements were EXACTLY the same as they were 2 weeks ago. :-( I suppose it's good they're not bigger but I've been working so hard at getting smaller!

Other than the added weight to my workouts, I really don't know what could have caused this water retention. It isn't TOTM, I weighed at the same time of week I always do with completely empty bladder and tummy, tummy feels fine, haven't been eating any more salt than normal over the last couple of days. (And no, I haven't had 44 pints of lager - wine's more my thing ;-) )

Thanks though to all of you for the encouragement. And I'm really glad I have seen all those threads all of you have helpfully contributed to about how the scales don't tell the full picture and about how weight can normally fluctuate - if I hadn't I really might be considering giving up now.

I'm going to be "good" today - just eat in an 8 hour window - and fast tomorrow. Friday I'm going on holiday for a week and I'm going to do as much 16:8 as I can without making myself miserable. I won't be hard on myself if I don't make it every day though. I will be doing lots of walking - that much I know - and I'm going to come back a week later full of renewed enthusiasm.
One kilo in one week. Why? There can be a thousands reason and we can only guess which one from the information we know. You can also be certain that it will happen again.

Point is that the correlation between calories consumed and change in weight gets stronger over time. Over a period of a day or a week it is merely nonexistent.

I am sorry to be a bore and that I don't get all emotional with you on this. Continue to do the right thing, enjoy life and you will see that you will the get results. It is no good to be disheartened by weigh-in results for one week.
This is all such great advice and a reminder to me that the scale isn't always the complete picture. The math is particularly helpful since it helps anchor me. I am the EXACT SAME WAY when my weight goes up. DomDom, you are right. Step back and deep breaths.
I've not read the above posts as I'm tired from working out. However, I thought I would share about my 2 days in London last week, didn't overeat, 1 cake & coffee, 1 fried brekkie and lots of walking.

Was 4 kg heavier on my return!

I use the trending app, which indicated that really this was 400g off the the trendline and lo, by today I'm back to more or less where I started. I think it was the water from the bread, cake etc that I don't eat so much off and the walking...

Just saw Julie's great post, no loo reckon 2 kgs just there... :cool:
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