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After completing the Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday in 2hrs 17mins through snow, sleet and sub zero temperatures I have come to the conclusion that fasting the day after was a big mistake! My body (even today) is aching and all the energy I burned off on Sunday just made me want to eat all day on Monday :confused:

I've decided to write off Monday's fast and I will change my days this week to Wednesday and Friday!

Has anyone else been in this situation?
Well done on your half marathon - that's brilliant! Yes, I think if you're going to do a major sporting activity, the best thing to follow it up with is a planned feast day to make sure you're eating healthy food rather than just snacking. You can fast another day. Work your fasts around your lifestyle, rather than squeezing your life into fasting.
very helpful info - am doing a 2 hours zumba-thon on sunday - will not fast as usual on monday after reading this. well done on the half marathon, my zumba will be nothing compared to that!
Well done on your Half Marathon - I couldn't even do a mile, especially not in the conditions you described!

Definitely the right decision not to fast afterwards, your body will be needing to recover from all that. Don't even worry if you don't get 2 fasts in this week, I'm sure the marathon will help towards your calorie deficit, and it is only one week afterall. There's always next week!
Congratulations on that half-marathon. I've managed to do just one half-marathon in my dim and distant past and I think a fast day following would have done me in completely - so well done you. :smile:
Very well done! I'm training for my first half-marathon in June, so I'll make sure I dont plan a fast day afterwards.

I'm aiming for a time of 2 1/2 hours.
Good luck Melanie, I think June is a far more sensible time of year for a half marathon!

I'm only left with aching thighs today, hopefully back out for a recovery jog tomorrow on my fast day :-)
well done on the half marathon fionaw2110, and the very respectable time you completed it in.

I do parkrun every Saturday and I'm always absolutly shattered for the rest of the day, more so than when I do longer training runs.

I wouldn't want to fast after such an exertion. I always thought that the body needs protien so that muscles can repair and recover.

Good luck with the half marathon in June Melanie, let us know how the training's going.
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