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If you're new and have a question or need some advice, please give us as much information as you can about your situation in order for us to be able to help you as best we can. For example, it's helpful to know your BMI/weight, how much you want to lose, any medical conditions which might affect your weight and (if you've started fasting already) how you do your fasts in terms of splitting up your calories, what you eat etc. Thanks!

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Hi all

I did write a post the other day introducing myself but must have done something wrong as I don't think it ever actually made it onto the site!

Anyway I'm Claire, I'm from the UK and myself and my other half started 5:2 last Monday, we are planning to fast on a Tuesday and Thursday generally but will see how that goes - it worked well last week! I have weighed myself this morning and am 3 lbs down which I'm fairly pleased with. I lost 21 lbs on weight watchers last year but then just got out of the routine and have put it back on and then some. I think my biggest challenge with this diet is recognising it as a long term plan not a quick fix which is too easy to undo anyway!

My boyfriend has done the same, we have just spent the last 6 month cooking lovely meals and piling on the pounds and just need to start cooking lovely healthy meals instead, we thought this would be a good way to do that.

As the subject line mentioned I'm also a Coeliac so have been following a gluten free diet for 18month since diagnosis. I don't find this too bad but definitely put weight on very easily since I have been gluten free as my body is repairing and actually absorbing nutrients!

I work for a well known dementia charity and that was also part of the appeal for this diet as the research, while in it's infancy, is pretty interesting and I'm keen to keep my health as long as possible! I have Osteoporosis at the age of 28 from my coeliac disease...I don't want anything else!

So that's us! We're looking forward to being involved in supporting others and also getting some support for ourselves! :)
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Welcome to the forum Claire and Claires BF! Well done on finding the best WoE and bestest forum in the world! We have some members that are Coeliac and many that are following or learning to follow a more gluten free WoE so you will find some recipes that will be right up your alley. Check out @FatDog's thread on Low-carb Vegetarian and you will find many recipes that are gluten free and/or easyily adapted to become gluten free. @GoLinda is another member that is coeliac so you may be able to bend her ear for additional advice. Lots of tips, advice, encouragement and support here. Browse around, ask questions and join in!
Welcome both. I'm not coeliac but I am mostly grain and sugar free (occasional blip). It works well for 5:2 as I fill up on healthy fats and some protein and the low carb content keeps cravings at bay.

Just experiment until you find what is right for you.

Good luck :clover: :clover: :clover:
Hi Claire and BF and welcome! Have a good look round the forum, ask anything you're not sure about and you'll get all the help and support you need to do well on this new way of eating/life. Best of luck to you both!
Thanks so much to all of you for your messages, we both found last week pretty straightforward and love cooking which I think helps! Thanks for the links and advice for other coeliac and gluten free stuff...I can see that it will fit in well because unlike other 'diets' there are no meal plans etc which suits me perfectly. The advice on here already seems fantastic so we look forward to exploring more!
Well hello Indiegirl! As Betsy mentioned, I too have celiac disease. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and put on weight myself afterwards. Many may wonder how since you have to avoid gluten but there are so many readily available GF alternatives nowdays.

I started losing weight with WW last year in January and lost 12 lbs...then just got tired of all the tracking. WW is really difficult for GF since it can be challenging to eat enough fiber. Anyway, my daughter told me about 5:2 in April and here I am 40 lbs lighter. Turned 55 last November and am wearing pant sizes I wore as a teenager.

Give me a shout out if you have any questions...but honestly this WOE is going to work fab for you! Oh and you BF too. My husband is stuck eating mostly GF as well except when he snacks away from home:(
Hi indiegirl and welcome to this fantastic forum.

I was diagnosed with coelics last October, and think that as I was already following this great WoL combined with really not liking the GF replacements for baked products have helped me reach and maintain my ideal weight.

The fact that you enjoy cooking so much will be a real bonus for you both,there are some lovely recipes on here, some naturally GF and others that are easy to adapt.

Wishing you both loads of success.

Hi ladies!

Thank you for your replies. Lovely to meet a couple of fellow Coeliacs as I don't actually know anyone with the condition in 'real' life!

Both of you have had fantastic weight losses which gives me so much hope. i think my weight gain has been due to just finally enjoying eating again after feeling so ill for years, I was by no means underweight before I was diagnosed but used to feel so ill all the time, I'd eat to try to satiate my hunger and then feel sick and then eat to try to suppress the nausea. A vicious cycle which I'm sure you've both experienced! Now I enjoy eating and my bf and I love to cook alternatives for the things I'm missing out on...unfortunately we've been so busy cooking lovely meals we'd stopped keeping an eye on our weight!

I will definitely shout up if I'm struggling but so far finding this fairly straightforward, apart from the fact that it's a fast day and my colleagues are tucking into a tin of cadbury's roses - so jealous! :)

Thanks again!
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