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Data last compiled at 12:01pm GMT Friday July 29th 2016

11079 forum members are tracking their weight loss progress, 5970 of whom have lost a total of 28720.79kg over a combined total of weeks and days (mean average 0 weeks 0 days).
This is a mean average of kg lost per member per week (median kg
A total of 5109 users have only logged their starting data so far.

Weekly Average Weight Loss by User Type

Weight Loss Data - Frequency Distribution Chart [All Users]

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Average weight loss week by week:

The chart below shows the mean & median average weight loss for all forum users over the first 6 months of the diet.
By using the filter options below, you will be able to compare the week by week loss for different kinds of users.
Please note that for enhanced accuracy, the data for this chart excludes data which spans too great a time period (ie, if a user has left several weeks between weigh-ins in the early stages of the diet) which would otherwise skew the results. Due to the system omitting this potentially result-skewing data, there may be gaps in the line chart where there is not yet sufficient data available for a particular period.
Potentially inaccurate points (due to minimal data) are marked as dots on the relevant lines. You may also refer to the "User Data Per Week" graph below to get an idea of how reliable the chart is for each week, based on the amount of user data available for each week. Hover your mouse on the line to find the actual weight loss value for that week.

Week by Week Weight Loss in KGs over first 6 months

User Data Available for Week by Week Loss Chart

Pie Charts (all users)