Vegan low cal dressing
02 Mar 2013, 14:41
It is possible to eat Lightest Mayonnaise and salad cream, but in my opinion they are so far from the real thing that it is surely a trade description issue ;) Also full of stuff like xanthum gum, and guar gum what ever they are and artificial this and that. Anyhow a suggestion from the vegan larder that is actually good for you and therefore a healthy addition rather than gloop. You can flavour it with anything- chilli, lime, garlic, whatever takes your fancy for taste and variation. Keeps a while, few days, in the fridge so you can make a larger batch and use as you will!

50 g tofu
water to blend
Add to flavour for instance:
tsp soy sauce/tamari
tsp lemon juice (optional)
twist of pepper

that particular mix came in with:
40 cals for a 76g serving which is very generous
•No cholesterol
•Very high in calcium
•High in iron
•Very high in manganese
•High in magnesium
•High in phosphorus
•Very high in selenium
some sodium of course to bear in mind for those minding their intake