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Fast day brain fog?
13 Aug 2018, 13:21
Hi all,
This is my first post. I've been doing 5:2 for almost 5 weeks now and am getting on well with it. My only trouble is that on fast days I tend to get brain fog in the afternoons. Is this common? Does anyone have any tips on tackling brain fog?

I skip breakfast and usually have a banana about 2pm and then have a reasonably sized dinner (Butter bean tagine tonight! :grin: ) I drink lots of water - have had about 2 - 2.5 litres so far today. I'm finding the hunger easier and easier to ignore, and I'm hoping the brain fog will also disappear a bit as my body gets used to fasting. All tips for managing it are greatly received!

Re: Fast day brain fog?
14 Aug 2018, 20:46
Hello Ginger, I don't remember if brain fog was a part of things but I have been doing this way of life for so long now I cant remember, so, perhaps brain fog is my problem lol. Don't worry, ''tis early days and all sorts of things happen and then suddenly you find you are sort of coasting along it it all fits. Good luck , keep going,you really will not regret it.
Re: Fast day brain fog?
14 Aug 2018, 21:22
Sipping a cup or two of something salty like a stock cube (bouillon cube) drink during the day should help.
Re: Fast day brain fog?
16 Aug 2018, 13:50
Thanks both for your replies! I went and bought some miso soup at lunch today (second fast day of the week) and I haven't needed it! I actually feel relatively on the ball. :o) Hopefully that means my body is getting used to this fasting malarkey. But it will be useful to have the miso soup on standby if needed.
Re: Fast day brain fog?
12 Feb 2022, 07:20
You have to drink a glass of fresh juice or try some glucose tablet in a day should help you.
Re: Fast day brain fog?
21 Feb 2022, 06:39
Hi everyone;
Brain fog is happen during fasting or maybe for other reasons, and you can feel confused.
Here I can tell you some treatments by which you can get rid of your brain fog;

1. Do not overuse mobile phones and computers.
2. Always think positively.
3. Change your diet and exercise regularly.
4. Rest for some hours in a day.
5. Avoid smoking and drinking coffee.
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