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Is it normal to not feel hungry after a fast day? I fasted Friday & Saturday but today, Sunday, I'm not overly hungry. Do I push myself to get my daily calories up (I'm at 692 out of my usual 1200 after eating dinner) or just eat to meet my hunger and disregard that I'm under? It feels especially strange as I usually have a very robust appetite and struggle to not go over 1200.

Nb. I acknowledge that1200 is low however I am dealing with a chronic hamstring injury and can't exercise like I usually do. When I am running I eat between 1500 and 1800 calories per day.
Yes, fasting decreases appetite. It's temporary and is usually gone the 2nd day. That's another reason most of us prefer two fast days - so we have the natural appetite suppression for two days in the week, combined with decreased calories on the two fast days.

Your calories do sound extremely low, unless you're really petite and older. Since you are consuming so few calories, and you fasted for two days in a row, then absolutely, I would encourage you to eat more tonight.
Thanks for your quick reply @Tracieknits.

I am petite but at 44 I wouldn't say older however as a result of yoyo dieting and poor past choices I maintain my weight on lower calories than perhaps another person my age and height would.

I think that next week I'll split my fast days rather than have them back to back as I am sure that has played a part. I've managed to get up to 1012 calories with the help of some beautiful figs and a couple of brazil nuts and am going to make sure I have my full calorie allotment tomorrow.
The day after a fast is my fave day with regards to appetite, but fast days I like equally because I eat really nice food.
Not knowing your BMI its not easy to make comment about cal allowances etc.
and back to back is not something I have done very often either. Not much help really except that exercise can make me hungrier, :cry:
My BMI is at the low end of the healthy range @carieoats . I've maintained my weight for more than a decade on 1200, plus exercise calories, but being injured at the moment means I'm consuming my base calories only. Base calories meaning the amount I can eat each day with limited weight fluctuation.

Exercise increases my appetite too and as I am a girl who likes to sweat the extra they allow is very welcome!
My hunger bounced back to where it should be today and I've eaten all but 80 calories and those have been saved so I can treat myself to the last big, beautiful bursting fig when I fancy something sweet later on.

Thanks everyone for your advice.
Like others have said, it is normal to have a smaller appetite the day after a fast. That is why alternate day fasting is a viable option for many. You fast one day and have less urge to overeat on the feast day. Rinse and repeat. The down side to alternate day fasting is the lifestyle can be a bit hard or so I find.
Enjoy that fig!
Try to boost your appetite with some sweet soup. In my point of view, sweetie would bring the best when you lost your appetite.
Try out this amazing dish : Butternut squash soup. The reason why I'm in love with squash because it not only easy to cook but also very rich in nutrient. And there is very little fat in squash. It gives us a huge source of vitamins, some of which exist in considerable amounts. For example, there is 17 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of serving. Nice to share with you.
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