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Got the results for my blood tests back. Total cholesterol was still stubbornly 6.3 but the ratio of good to bad had improved and triglycerides were good too. All other tests were absolutely normal. My GP was happy!
I should add I've been 5:2ing for just over a year.
Well, a very big and stubborn verruca that I gave up on treating, (thinking it was time to get the big guns out - a trip to the chiropodist) has retreated all on it's own? Shame we can see the internal changes to our bodies.
Just had to say i'd noticed the negative side effects thread is far longer than this one- what a shame!

positive side effect for me-

My bum doesn't look big in this (whatever it is lol) :razz:
I've only been going for 3 weeks but already feeling good :victory:

Weight loss is 3.25lb so far which is great (have 16lb to lose in total), and the main reason I started.

I can't believe how much energy I have on fast days, I was hula hooping and dancing around the house last night having eaten 400 cals all day!

And at first I really felt I was overeating on eat days, but for the last couple I've found that my appetite has decreased, and I don't find myself craving something sweet after all of my meals. I still feel like I *should* have a pudding, so today I bought a little tub of ice cream after lunch, but couldn't even finish it, which would never have happened before I started. I'm hoping I can train myself out of this habit though and learn to be satisfied with just a nice main course, and see pudding as more of a treat.

I also feel less bloated and generally more in control of my eating.

And we're saving money as I don't eat breakfast or lunch three times a week!
Here is a wonderful side effect I've noticed: In the 10 months I've been fasting (and 7 months of taking probiotics daily), I haven't been sick one time. No cold, no sniffles, nothing. And I have 3 kids who have colds all winter long! So there must be something to this WOL. I love it!
I noticed an unexpected benefit of IF/weight loss recently: I can stand all day at music festivals without getting sore feet and a sore lower back.
My positive side effects of this WOE are so numerous but I should write them here for newbies
- I eat slowly now as I eat so much less that when I do eat I really want to savour it.
- my wedding and engagement ring fit after being stored in a box for 7 years!
- I rarely eat too much as I don't like that too full feeling that can leave me feeling uncomfortable for up to 4 hours.
- I now choose to eat real food 90% of the time. ( real food meaning that my great grandma would recognise it ) and very little highly processed food.
- 2 to 3 alcohol free nights a week.
-my doctor tells me regularly that I am inspirational. I'd have to say I am humbled by that.
- I wear smaller sized clothes and don't feel abnormally big anymore so as I result I feel more feminine.
- I don't need a nanna nap anymore.
- I love being able to wait till I'm hungry to eat and not just eat because its a mealtime.
- lastly I'm finding that if I really listen to my body it now tells me what it needs.
I'm sure there's more but that will do for now.
Xxx julianna
With just a few weeks in and about 2 weeks correctly done (with right amount of cals in non-fast days), it is too early for positive benefits, but I just experienced one.

Today (day after a fast day) I broke fast with pork sausage around 9am, then I went for a lunch with my friend after noon. I had a really small portion of pea soup and veal meat and roasted potatoes and at the end, I was full! Normally, I would need twice as much. So, the first time I experienced appetite reduction :)
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