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- January 2014

End of week 1 - 1st weigh in...
27 Jan 2014, 20:03

Day two - first fast.
21 Jan 2014, 18:39

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Day two - first fast.

by Sarah1988 on 21 Jan 2014, 18:39

So I've decided to jump on the 5.2 thing. And my first fast was today.
After waking up at 6.30 I ate a Slimming World snack bar at 7am with a cup of tea with two sugars then nothing but 2litres of water until 4pm. At 4pm I had a 450 calorie co op chicken curry microwave meal but after that I craved sugar so had two malteser celebrations. Hopefully I haven't strayed too far from 549 calorie recommended limit.
Initially I found it pretty easy and the water definitely helped take the edge off the hunger, but I felt really hungry around 2 o clock when I wasn't as busy. Luckily when I finished work at 3.10 I had the school run to take my mind off it then I ate as soon as I got home. I've never enjoyed a microwave meal so much in my life :D
So all in all I feel I've not had a bad first fast day although the lack of energy going in has left me feeling very tired now so early night for me! Looking forward to having a nice sandwich for lunch tomorrow :)

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Re: Day two - first fast.
21 Jan 2014, 19:32
Hi there

Well done on the first fast. They do get easier, but the first few are hard ! Worth it though when the results kick in.

I too was very tired with the first few but I just went to bed early :)

Try to eat when you are hungry in the morning, and even extend the timing of your first food. Alot of us found that we are just not hungry next morning after a fast, weird I know. You go to bed thinking, I could eat a horse, then next morning, you have lost that feeling. Try to get into a habit of eating when proper hungry. So lots of tummy rumbling !

Water is your friend so when you feel hungry, have a little water and wait and see if it goes away.

Since my first fast I have only had one breakfast in 7 months. The non brekky next day kicked in from the first fast.

You will soon find what suits, just watch the foods that can spike, like bread. Nothing wrong with having calorie counted food on a fast as its quick and takes the guess work out. M&S count on us are fab, just check they are for one person as not all of them are !

Roll on your second fast, and good luck :) :like:

Re: Day two - first fast.
21 Jan 2014, 19:51
Thanks @Minigill Do u mean to just not have breakfast on fast days? Or everyday? And same for bread. Not on fast days or all days? Xx
Re: Day two - first fast.
21 Jan 2014, 19:51
Well done Sarah. They do get simpler, I promise. As minigill says I've had very few breakfasts since starting 5.2. Little pick you ups might help you along the way at the beginning but you may find that you don't need these as you establish your new eating habits, good luck, keep it simple and have faith.
Re: Day two - first fast.
22 Jan 2014, 19:01
Hey, I've just started today and distraction definately helps! Im just hoping I dont get the midnight munchies :( also, where'd you work out the calorie limit of 549?
Good luck! x
Re: Day two - first fast.
22 Jan 2014, 19:45
Sunset. Input your details into the progress tracker, and it works out your max calorie allowance TDEE for fast days and then the other days. It will ask for activity levels, weight, height etc to do this calculation. You can also do this elsewhere on the web, but why go elsewhere when it's all here. Check out my progress chart, it's visible to all, but can be private. ,
Hope that helps
Good luck both.
Re: Day two - first fast.
22 Jan 2014, 19:56
Sarah1988 wrote: Thanks @Minigill Do u mean to just not have breakfast on fast days? Or everyday? And same for bread. Not on fast days or all days? Xx

Hi Sarah

Try not to have breakfast on fast days, say lunch and dinner or even just dinner. Then on the day after (feast), if you manage to go all morning without feeling too hungry, skip and just eat at lunch time and dinner and voila, you have already lost a meal of cals :wink:

Avoid bread on fast days. Other days are fine providing you don't eat a loaf :grin:

Bread is high carb and can be calorie heavy, so for once slice of bread you could have a home made soup, salad for example which will be more filling. Bread will also spike your insulin and make you hungry a little while after eating which is not helpful on a fast day.

If you can give your system alot of hours after the last meal, say 15/16 hours before the meal next day, this will hopefully kick the system into fat burning mode. Meal at say 7pm then don't eat for 16 hours after. This can always follow once you feel happy to introduce things to spice the system up !

So avoid the bread on a fast day, and see how you go with hunger the next day. Even just avoiding the bread on a fast is a start.

Just see what suits. You will become more aware as you do each fast how the body reacts.

Go at your own pace :wink:

All the best :like: :clover:
Re: Day two - first fast.
22 Jan 2014, 20:24
Wow thanks all, so nice to have all the support here :D I've been doing well and not felt tired at all today! Funny how cleansed you feel the day after fasting. I've also discovered I love celery! So il skip breakfast tomorrow and just look forward to that tomorrow lunch as it's my second fast tomorrow! So that should bring me to a grand total of 8 calories for two large sticks!!! Hooray! Then microwave beef lasagne at 359 calories for dinner and I should be well in :) looking forward to my first weigh in! :D thanks again all!
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