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Just coming to the end of my 2nd week.

So far, I feel like this is the easiest diet I have ever done.

My go to diet in the past was the South Beach, simply because of the amount of good food you ate, and the lack of calorie counting.

It is however a lot of work. And it usually phased out, due to that.

I have lost 1.2 kg which I am happy with, as it hasn't meant much modification to my every day eating.

Not that I eat terribly badly in terms of meals, as I cook daily. Although I am known to binge eat chocolate- my kryptonite.

I finally found something I can integrate and actually see myself sustaining as a life style choice.


I am sure stress doesn't help, have 2 finishing up college for the year (one going off to uni in Sept, the other doing GCSE/BTECH), another just started a new school, and two scallywags I home educate.

Must find another solution to replace chocolate :grin: ...

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Dear all,

Today I started the 5:2 diet, which I have combined with the 16:8 intermittent Fasting window. And today was successful! I did a lot of cleaning in my house to distract me from food, and I also...

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I see that I am classified as being a new member despite joining the site in 2014 - how long do you have to be a member to qualify as not newbie?
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Hi everyone

I have been a member of this forum for a long time although have no idea how to start a new post, so glad to find this blog option. Whilst looking at the 3 courses on offer, I read the sample...

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First fast I broke down and ate way too much. My calorie count was 1000. It was much lower them I would normally eat.. so I guess it is a start.
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I admit it :frown: life got in the way! In 2014 I started 5:2. I enjoyed fasting but of course people have...

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Hi, I subscribed to the blog and get an email when there is a new entry - so I have read, and enjoyed every one !!!!
You're doing great !!
This is in response to wmr309's comments on the fasting today thread.

Yes, I can be obsessive... I totally agree about the benefits / approach of 5:2. My blog from today might explain my issue a bit more??...

You are doing so well Sassy1. I like your idea of some balance with the grains. Sometimes a lovely piece of bread is what you need!
Another wet and dreary day tomorrow. Where is Spring?!

I have just started IF again after a long gap. Finding 18.8 more doable at the moment, with similar rate of weight loss. Only time will tell if this will be more successful long term. Good luck Wolfie....



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