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I plugged in my Goal weight on JUDDD's calculator
My TDEE is between 1500 and 1700
My 25% comes to 380 to 438 calories.
The differences being little to no exercise and 1-3 days a week
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Hi -
I've done quite a bit of research and am excited to start on this new way of eating! I am mainly doing it to lose about 8 pounds that I've slowly put on over the past few years. I'm a 45 year old...

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Ending my eighth week in this way of eating, and I'm delighted by my results! 16.4 lbs lost (which makes for a total of 25.8 lbs lost since last christmas!) and only 21.4 lbs to go to my goal. Nearly halfway...

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It's happened, guys! I've transitioned into the 150's! Down 2.2 lbs this week along with a joyful dip down to 157 before popping back up to rest at 158.2. I can't express just how stellar I feel to be...

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Down 2.6 lbs this week (for a current weight of 160.4 lbs) after a rough week of plateau-ish numbers! Yaaaaay! It's funny, even though so many people mention that sudden drops happen after plateau, it's...

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This week showed a loss of 1.6 lbs, which makes my total loss so far 10.8 lbs -- down another sugar bag for 2 sugar bags lost in total!!!! 1.6 for the week was less than I was hoping for, but still numbers...

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Good luck, @moderatemeals! I think you'll love this way of life!
Losing 1.6 pounds is hardly a plateau! You are not going to keep losing at the same rate as the beginning. You should be very happy with 1 pound a week!
Thanks for the comment, cblasz.
Maybe this WOE is so successful that everyone's lost the weight and got on with their lives! I can hope ...

Yes, it is terribly dead here, especially lately. I think that people either just have all the information they need or have stopped this WOE. It is a shame. But stick around. It seems to go in waves....

Hi, I subscribed to the blog and get an email when there is a new entry - so I have read, and enjoyed every one !!!!


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