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Not a good night. My brain is churning! Had to leave bedroom window open as so warm and was woken early by the sun and my cockerel crowing! Lovely really. I will get my head round my latest bout of home sickness, it will just take time. Meanwhile I will keep busy. I have a dress pattern and a couple of lengths of fabric I want to make up. I also have blinds to make. This evening our Gite guests are coming over to have a glass or two of wine and watch the Grand Prix. That will be enjoyable. Will have to do a few nibbles to soak up the wine. It will be easy enough to do little slices of baguette with cheese melted on top!
Had thought about fasting today as not very hungry but think it best to stick with my regular days. I will listen to my body today though.
So life goes on, the big plan is still in place but one day I will move back home!
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I've not been on here for a couple of years, what's happened? Where is everyone?! I'm sure this site used to be bigger somehow..

Anyway the 5:2 was really good last time I tried it, I got down to 9 stone...

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Dear all,

Today I started the 5:2 diet, which I have combined with the 16:8 intermittent Fasting window. And today was successful! I did a lot of cleaning in my house to distract me from food, and I also...

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I see that I am classified as being a new member despite joining the site in 2014 - how long do you have to be a member to qualify as not newbie?
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Hi everyone

I have been a member of this forum for a long time although have no idea how to start a new post, so glad to find this blog option. Whilst looking at the 3 courses on offer, I read the sample...

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First fast I broke down and ate way too much. My calorie count was 1000. It was much lower them I would normally eat.. so I guess it is a start.
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Thanks for the comment, cblasz.
Maybe this WOE is so successful that everyone's lost the weight and got on with their lives! I can hope ...

Yes, it is terribly dead here, especially lately. I think that people either just have all the information they need or have stopped this WOE. It is a shame. But stick around. It seems to go in waves....

Hi, I subscribed to the blog and get an email when there is a new entry - so I have read, and enjoyed every one !!!!
You're doing great !!
This is in response to wmr309's comments on the fasting today thread.

Yes, I can be obsessive... I totally agree about the benefits / approach of 5:2. My blog from today might explain my issue a bit more??...



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