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- May 2014

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06 May 2014, 06:58

+ March 2014
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my very first blog!

by 100emmas on 01 Mar 2014, 08:50

but am so pleased with the diet that I feel I want to chat about it.

I started in May 2013, and was pleased with the steady progress at the the progress I had without really feeling the deprivation. I have also had to do some travelling and been away from home for 1-2 months in August September, and December January, and so only tried to maintain the weight loss while I was away by doing 6:1.

It has all worked and overall have lost 11.2 kilos... maybe not a major loss by some peoples standards but at my age I don't want to lose much more as the wrinkles may kick in. So when I get down to under 10 stone 62.8! I'll go onto 6:1.

I cant say I really enjoy my fast days tho... I have to keep saying "its only 1 day.... " I do however feel the benefit of the weight loss, was starting to get breathless when I walked and am sure the knees now appreciate carrying less around.... I have also notice that my ankles no longer swell on long haul flights.... and as I've always had that problem (even when I was 8stone) it must be something to do with blood pressure...... one thing that makes me smile though, is imagining the 11 packets of butter that I'm no longer carrying around!!

Friends are now commenting on the loss but what surprises me is that those friends who are overweight are not really interested in how easy I found it.... and seem to think I've done something really hard that they couldn't possibly do.... I wonder if anyone else has found that? Because I do feel quite evangelical

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Re: my very first blog!
01 Mar 2014, 09:43
Joined in Sept yet this is your first blog.....Why and where have you been hiding? However great or small the weight you want or need to lose may be,however great or small your losses may be-there are many here who gain support and encouragement simply by reading others blogs.I expect there are also many like me :oops: who gain confidence and pride in their efforts or find relief in writing down their worries/woes and find inner calm even without comments or replies :grin: CONGRATULATIONS on your slow steady loss (I'm with you the slower the better to hold back the wrinkles :lol: )keep on blogging :cool:
Re: my very first blog!
15 Mar 2014, 10:09
well I meant this was my very first blog of any kind!! ... In fact after I'd put in how I started and what happened next there really isn't a lot of interesting things to talk about... I am not losing much at all now just a steady kilo a month.... which is better than putting it on. So its into the hard slog... and next week will be a little hard as have a friend coming to stay and will be having lots of treats!
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