Re: Feeling a bit low..
28 Nov 2013, 07:38
Hi there Auriga!

just read your blog and i thought i'd post you a little reply just to let you know you are not alone feeling the way you do... i think its your body rebelling a little, try not to worry too much as its just a glinch, you are doing great! i know just what you mean about wanting to eat sugary/sweet things lol,i am the same the day after a fast :-)
i love chocolate and i could never give that up, i eat some on feed days, so i never really feel deprived and the weight is still coming off... to be honest there are days when i curse myself for eating too much of it and i become convinced the scales will be very angry at me but so far so good lol!! it just goes to show, a little of what you fancy does you good hehe..i so love my carbs too grrrrrrrrr so i try to keep it to a minimum, but its so so hard in this weather, isnt it?
anyway sorry i didnt mean to go on,and i believe that SAD is very real and like you i have been quite low lately, i drive to work in the dark and come back in the dark and i hate it..:-( i commute to London three times a week as i couldnt hack it anymore full time... :frown:

Hope you feel more cheerful today, and hang in there, like you i want to shift the last 5k, we can do it and we WILL get there soon :-)

have a good day!

take care xx