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- April 2013

First Blog Ever!
26 Apr 2013, 20:29

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First Blog Ever!

by Bake on 26 Apr 2013, 20:29

Read Michaels book, saw him on BBC and started diet this week.. Hoping it becomes a lifestyle for me. love reading all your blog.
QA; starting with 5:2 Can I fast from 8pm to 8pm on my fast day?Either with 500 c or maybe without. Then on my feast day start with dinner at 8pm and roll over to my feast day the next day. I have read all blogs about times and fasting ;either fast day all day through bedtime or feast day through bed time. Is there an advantage to the 24 hr fast I propose cause you go through night and completely through next day till dinner at 8..

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Re: First Blog Ever!
26 Apr 2013, 20:35
I just fast from when I get up to when I go to bed = 1 days fast, consuming 500 cals :-)
Re: First Blog Ever!
27 Apr 2013, 00:01
Agreed, Claire34 .I've broken the explanation down to this: wake up - go to sleep & in between consume 500 calories & lots of water, whichever way & time suits you. Eat normally the other days. The first couple of fasts some might experience headaches, etc. Suck it up. It's for one day & then you can eat again. Try not to overthink this, or food. Just get on with it! :) Good luck Bake, it's not difficult, & remember the payoff! Yay!
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