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15 Feb 2014, 09:44

New scales
08 Feb 2014, 11:03

01 Feb 2014, 10:30

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Balloon or Bust

Hi there.

I'm one of those people who every few years or so takes their eye off the ball and puts on a few too many pounds. In the past it has not taken me long to shift the weight, but this time (and I think being peri menopausal has something to do with it), the usual calorie counting an upping the exercise etc has not worked.

I have been aware for some time of the 5:2 diet, and have great respect for Dr Michael Mosley. Some people I know have used this method to lose weight and without exception have been successful. I know though that like all "diets" there is no guarantee it will work for everyone, but it appeals to me and will give it a good go. I have done my research, drawn up a list of meals for fast days so bring it on.

Having said that I'm not expecting great success this first week, as notwithstanding being a bit naughty on my feed days, I am also having one of what I call my "balloon weeks". For no rhyme nor reason these happen occasionally and I bloat up quite considerably, putting on a few pounds and a few inches round my waist. I've got a right pot belly on me at the mo, so unless I deflate in time for the first weigh in and measure tomorrow, it's not looking good. However I know that I will deflate at some stage over the next week or so,so I will take whatever tomorrow brings firmly on the chin.

Waist - 31 ins Target - 27-28 ins
Hips - 40 ins Target - 37 ins
Right thigh - 23 ins - Target - 21.75 ins (to match the other leg :) )
Left thigh - 21.75 ins

9 stone 11.4 pounds Target - 8 stone 10/11

Fat %:-
32.2% (according to my Salter scales) Target 27%

New scales

by BessnMaxsmum on 08 Feb 2014, 11:03

The fasting part of this diet I am finding reasonably OK. I have bought a selection of Weightwatcher ready meals, all well under 400 cals, and I am having one of these with loads of veg for my one meal of the day.

After last weeks debacle I did think that maybe my TDE figure was wrong. However I have put myself down as moderately active which I think is about right. I do about 90 mins hard running on my treadmill a week split over 3 or 4 sessions, and spend 7 - 10 hours a week walking my own dogs and 2 friends' dogs. So the TDE must be right, so I've been keeping a very careful check this week to make sure I don't exceed it.

I had to buy a new set of scales this week after the OH dropped ours in the bath he had just run himself :bugeyes: .The stats are below. The body fat has gone up due to the new scales probably being more accurate, so I have a long way to go to get to my target on that.

Weight 9 st 10 loss of 1/2 lb
Waist 30 ins
Hips 39 ins
Thighs no change
Body fat % 34.7

So nothing spectacular but going in the right direction again.

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