Re: Ho hum, back again...
06 Aug 2015, 21:39
Bluebirdie, if you look at many of my posts (even my signature!) you'll see I'm a nut on the "this is my Way of Life, for Life" approach--have lost 32+ lbs and while I'd like to lose more, I'm not stressing about it. Tweak only if it's not working; don't be in such a hurry! Before 5:2, I had given up on weight loss, had decided just to try to be as healthy as I could but accept my fatness (I started at BMI just over 30); am currently age 59. I've found the best results by:
~ Being very strict on fast days, Mon/Thurs; and NOT VARYING my fast days (except for Thanksgiving!).
~ Not eating until quite late on fast days (black coffee, plain green tea, broth in late afternoon)
~ Eating mostly veggies, fruit, and protein on fast days...very little or no "refined" carbs
~ Regular GENTLE exercise: walking, skating, dancing
~ Eating normally on regular days; not fretting about calories or carbs; having reasonable alcohol intake (I did go 6 weeks without and found that it had been affecting my sleep, so cut back on late night drinking since). I think this is important, since I believe it keeps me from giving up (don't feel deprived; I can "have it tomorrow"), and from the dreaded famine reaction causing compulsive hunger after awhile...