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- July 2015

30 Jul 2015, 18:10

First fast nearly done
29 Jul 2015, 17:32

Oh dear!
28 Jul 2015, 15:49

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Late check in sorry

by Bobshouse on 15 May 2014, 13:26

Up and out early then home to lots of chores! Just taken apart the rabbit Eglu, cleaned it up and am setting it up in the chicken run. Rabbit hopped off to the sky last year so I am using it for the chicks. My incubated chicks have had some time without the broody lamp and now have nearly all their feathers. They are ready to go outside now. By putting them in the rabbit house and run they can integrate with the flock under protection. I have two hens sitting on eggs so may use it for them too if the eggs hatch. The current chicks are the last I shall incubate, I have now sold my incubator. Mother hen does a much better job. The ducks have also built a nest in their house and the last few days eggs are hidden under straw. I am hoping one of them will go broody too.
On the fasting front, I had to abandon my fast yesterday due to feeling unwell. I think doing 4:3 and 16:8 is too much for me. Today I have eaten normally but still feel very empty! I may not fast again tomorrow if I still feel the same way. It might be sensible to have a rest and re start on Monday. I feel ok about this as I am still trying to work out what suits me best. This is not just about losing weight it is also about improving health.
The problem with my father continues with both mental health and social services sayiing they cannot help. Turns out there is no standard for extra sheltered care to be measured against. Now have to find a suitable trolley for him and work out how to get him to understand the new routine. All good fun. Just as well we get free calls to England.

In for repair Monday, Wednesday and Friday
learning to love life as it is
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