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30 Jul 2015, 18:10

First fast nearly done
29 Jul 2015, 17:32

Oh dear!
28 Jul 2015, 15:49

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Taking a break

by Bobshouse on 16 May 2014, 06:52

After three good weeks I have hit the wall and cannot cope with fasting just now. I will get back to it but do not fell very strong at the moment.i am thinking that when I start again I will follow 5:2 again as maybe I overdid it with my current regime. In line with my new philosphopy of one day at a time I am not looking too far ahead. Today I am not fasting, tomorrow I will wait for! I am eating out tomorrow evening as is last day with eldest daughter who goes home Sunday. I am proud of myself for managing fasting whilst visitors are here, something that was previously impossible.
The chicks spent their first night outside and are fine. Broody hens are still sat tight and I am watching the ducks carefully as they have a nest with 8 eggs now.
Today as weather is good will cut the grass at the back and get started on some fencing that needs doing. Usual animal duties and hopefully some time in the veggie patch.
So today is sorted.
My head is in good place just now and I intend to enjoy it!

In for repair Monday, Wednesday and Friday
learning to love life as it is
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RE: Taking a break
16 May 2014, 09:05
@Bobshouse, you have been struggling so bravely the last few weeks. Being in a stalled plateau position myself at the moment, I understand where you're at. Your decision to step back, and start again with 5:2 when you're ready sounds really wise.
To me, one of the attractions of the WOE is that it does let you be quite kind to yourself. It is easy when you are not happy with your body to slip into a sort of self punishment regime. Woo - I don't mean to psychoanalyse you! I couldn't do that for myself! But it does seem the only way to stay lean and healthy for the long run will be to make it pleasant and liveable.
So good luck to you, and I look forward to hearing you're enjoying keeping it simple.
Re: Taking a break
16 May 2014, 10:30
Thanks! Have battled with my weight for decades, due I am sure to the abuse I suffered as a child. I am currently a UK size 12-14 and am not unhappy even though I am plump! Fasting gives so much more than just weight loss so I will stick with it. I just need to find what works for me. I don't just mean in terms of losing weight but also what fits my lifestyle. The way of eating in France is very different. Although we have our share of fastfood outlets the majority eat at home or in proper restaurants. It is rare to see anyone eating on the street unless it is at a market where crepes etc are sold. Eating between meals is not the norm. Diet food is virtually non existant too. In line with this I now cook from scratch and eat only clean food. All I have to do is eat less of it. Fasting achieves this. So I will be back on track next week with whichever regime I have decided suits me best. I am very certainly in control now!
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