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10 Mar 2014, 02:32

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Too hot to eat!

by Debs on 08 Jan 2014, 04:21

I am now on my fourth fast day whilst being back at work; I have been alternating with eating days. How has it gone? Well, not too bad so far. Despite everyone in the office stuffing themselves at various times of the day, and constant snacking, I have avoided the need to grab them by their scruffs and steal their biscuits.

I was eating yesterday and had some yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a chicken and avocado turkish roll for lunch and a handful of nuts in between. Not a huge amount you might think. Got to dinner and I didn't feel like anything! I ended up having a couple of biscuits and crackers as I didn't want to feel hungry today. Very odd, this seems to have played havoc with my appetite. I have the remains of a roast chicken that I haven't finished yet, half an avocado that I was going to have for dinner; it is still in the fridge, and my four bars of finest English choccy haven't received much of a battering at all. I EVEN have two packets of mini cheddars still in my room!!!What is going on?!

Part of the problem yesterday is that it was so darned hot. At one point, the temperature was given as 37.9C but felt like 49.3C :confused: :cool: :confused:
It felt absolutely dessicating, truly horrible. I went out to inspect a bilby burrow at 4pm and it was stil registering 43C. Just glad I can escape back to the office when I need to!So, I ended up drinking bucket loads and obviously filled myself up.

I can't weigh myself as I have no scales, very annoying. I don't feel any slimmer after four fasts in 7 days, so there had better be some shift in weight!

Started BSD27/7/2016 65.4kg
04/11/2016 57.2kg
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Re: Too hot to eat!
08 Jan 2014, 15:57
Shurrup moaning about being hot my luv. I often swell up when it gets too hot. Not that often by all accounts......I'm not jealous......honest I'm not....
Just one question....Is a bilby a mammal?
Re: Too hot to eat!
09 Jan 2014, 11:56
Re: Too hot to eat!
09 Jan 2014, 12:00
I know I shouldn't moan, but 47????!!!!! 117 in old money! It was nasty, honest guv!!
A Bilby is a small mammal, with huge ears and lives in burrows like rabbits. Quite endangered mainly as a result of predation from feral animals like foxes and cats. They are nocturnal and there has been a push to have them replace the Easter bunny! I always buy a chocolate Easter Bilby instead
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