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- November 2013

Interim goal reached!
06 Nov 2013, 18:53

+ October 2013
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Interim goal reached!

by DeeWidiastuti on 06 Nov 2013, 18:53

Just want to make a quick post to say that I have reached that interim goal of getting to 55 kg! This is absolutely the fastest I have ever lost weight.. this WOE really works for me.

The last time I remember being at this weight was about 9 years ago when I was 25 years old. Haha, imagine that, I'm back to my 25 years old body! :grin:

Anyway, I made a post about this already in my blog, including progress pictures! Come visit if you're interested ;).

Meanwhile I'm just enjoying this happy feeling, and then move on to the Christmas club goal of getting to 54 kg. I am hopeful!

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4.3 kg lost... is it?

by DeeWidiastuti on 21 Oct 2013, 06:47

After two weeks of weight fluctuations and/or plateau, this morning I finally saw the scale go down again, which brought me to 4.3 kg lost. Is it possible that I've finally broken the plateau? :?:

Anyway, I've entered my weight log to Libra App, and this is how it looks for the last 2 weeks:


That highest peak on Oct 14 was what I talked about in previous post. The next peak (but lower) was from Oct 17. I had been increasing the intensity of my workout between those dates, which resulted in really sore muscles all week long, so I think water retention from sore muscle is a factor here.

I've been looking back on my eating, and I realised that I've had very salty snacks.. those cocktail peanuts mix are really the killer.. and high cal too! I really need to...

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Patience... and a plan.

by DeeWidiastuti on 15 Oct 2013, 06:47

It seems my weight loss is slowing down. After that big drop to 56.5 kg last week, I haven't really loss anymore weight. In fact I saw my weight crept back to the 57's over the weekend (damn weekends!) I knew this is going to happen, afterall I'm already in the healthy BMI range so it is to be expected. Still the fluctuations this past 8 days doesn't make me too happy.

The last few days I feel like I'm becoming too obsessive with the weight loss. I tried to relax over the weekend, as I set weekends as my rest days. I went out for a long walk around Limburg with my husband and had a very nice time, but still I can't shake off the weight loss thoughts. I don't like this.

I did another full fast yesterday, and it brought me back to the 56's kg, so that's a good thing. But mentally I still feel slightly defeated. I want my weight to just keep going down, no jumps like now. I know it's an unrealistic expectation though.

Last night I kept thinking whether I should do another full fast today....


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Unplanned fast day... and weight loss!

by DeeWidiastuti on 08 Oct 2013, 06:29

After having an "all over the place" week, I woke up Monday morning with the intention to have a 16:8 day. My last meal was Sunday 8.30 pm, so I planned to break my fast at about Monday 1 pm.

The day went on, had a reasonably productive day, drank plenty of water, and did a good sweaty workout. 1 pm came and I wasn't feeling hungry at all so I just continued on. Before I knew it, it was already 5 pm. Cooked dinner, only had a couple of bites to taste my cooking, and waited for husband to came home and had dinner with him.

So my 16:8 day turned into a full fast day, since I only had dinner and nothing else afterwards! :D It's funny that it could just happen like that.

This morning I stepped on the scale as I always do every morning (guilty of daily weigh in!), and the scale said 56.5 kg. That is 0.9 kg down overnight! I had to step off and on a couple of times to be sure, and I even went...

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1 Month of Intermittent Fasting

by DeeWidiastuti on 03 Oct 2013, 07:46

Today is exactly 1 month since I first started doing intermittent fasting, and this morning I weighed in at 57.5. That is exactly 3 kg weight loss!

I started ount IF by doing the 16:8 fasting/feeding window, although in practice it is mostly 18:6. I have been doing it for 4 - 5 days a week, leaving weekends off IF, which coincides with my exercise rest days. There was actually a week when I did only 1 day, because I went to holiday. I like this method because I didn't need to think about calories (which I hated anyway), and yet it naturally reduced my eating portions and snacking.

What I have been doing is basically just skipped breakfast, having only water and tea until breaking my fast at lunch time (1 pm), and then I can eat "whatever I want", have dinner with the husband between 6 - 7 pm, and the fast begins again until lunch the next day. Note that "eating whatever I want" is in moderation, besides I mostly found that I couldn't eat so much anymore after 16...


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