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- May 2014

Accidentally Dishonest....
14 May 2014, 07:34

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Ramblings of a crazy lady!

This blog will consist of a little of everything and anything that comes into my poor old noggin! Mainly going to consist of me whinging about my eating habits/husband/daughter but with smatterings of silliness too! :lol:

Pokemon, weight loss and warcraft!

by DragonsHeart on 06 Mar 2014, 09:56

Yes a mildly odd title but they're the main things in my life at the mo, husband and child aside!

So found out Pokemon is now on Netflix, I've been avidly watching it with Sofia, who now loves it and can name 10 Pokemon. Proud mum, exasperated dad! lol,

On the Warcraft side (I apologies if I loose the ones who have no idea what World of Warcraft is at this point!) Finally, after roughly a year and a half, got my Tauren Paladin to 90, and am now being made to make her into a tank even though I have no idea how, or any real interest in it! While doing that and trying to get a tank set together i'm leveling a monk to finish the classy Tauren achievement! So all busy on there, thank the stars i'm not raiding too! :lol:

And onto my greatest note of worth, I've only gone and lost half a blooming stone! :victory: Through persistence and grumbling, i'm getting on my way to 10 stone!! Eating better (and less food on my fast days!) stopping myself from having that extra cake on non fast days now, it's great, like the fact I feel better for eating less and when I walk I don't feel puffed out when I get to town to shop, it's lovely! So glad I've kept at this, paying back in dividend! :D

It's helped that this forum's here to help when I'm down and got a load of recipes and advice and of course just good to sit on it and natter! Got to keep this up, well not got, going to keep this up, i bet i'll be even less the next time I weigh myself! can't find a determined face, so have a sheep instead! :sheep:

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