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Maintenance update after 3.5 months

by Franglaise on 03 Jul 2013, 08:23

So....I've been on maintenance now for three and a half months and am now 1kg below my original target of 57kgs. I can't face doing 2 full fasts a week so have decided to go with one full fast on a Monday, and then I skip lunch a few days in the week. I don't often eat carbs in the evening but often enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and a couple of squares of chocolate. I know it probably isn't the best use of calories, but it seems to be sustainable for me and I don't have to deprive myself of my favourite 'treat' foods (cashew nuts, cheese and chocolate).
I'm still running 5kms most mornings so am keeping quite active.
I bought a pair of size 32 jeans the other day (although they were stretchy!) and am feeling very confident in a bikini this year (even at 47 years old. So happy I found 5:2 as the WOE really works for me and seems to be easy to sustain once you are used to skipping meals :smile: ...


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by Franglaise on 17 May 2013, 06:59

Well, I've been on 'maintenance' for 7 weeks now and my weight has been fluctuating a little. I've stuck rigidly to a full fast every Monday, and added a half fast on another day (so no food until the evening on another day in the week). One weekend my weight went up to 59kgs so I did 2 full fasts and paid more attention to what I ate on non fast days and this morning I was at 57.3kgs, not after a fast day and I know I've definitely lost a few pounds over the last 10 days.
I've started using a weight tracker on my iphone but if my weight creeps up I'll just do a full 5:2 week to get it down again. Once you are used to fast days they are so easy to do and this WOE has made it really easy to control my weight. I still eat and drink everything I want to (I'm lucky in that I've never eaten or craved junk food) and a BMI of around 19 - 19.5 is perfect for me. Below 19 and I'm too thin. This week I had a Twitter conversation with Mimi Spencer who confirmed the same. She originally went down to...


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My weight loss on 5:2

by Franglaise on 10 Apr 2013, 07:14

A couple of members have asked what I did to lose weight, so I thought I'd put it on the blog. I'm now doing 6:1 with a second mini fast on Thursday which seems to be working so far. This was my way of doing the 5:2
1. I always did 24 hour fasts, so nothing to eat until the evening when I had my 500 calories (often homemade soup and fruit, and I always saved space for a couple of squares of chocolate.
2. I never drank alcohol on fast days, and only a couple of glasses of wine on other evenings (if I drank at all).
3. I exercised quite a lot anyway, so didn't increase what I was doing, but maybe that helped (running 5kms 3 times a week and walking an hour at least on other days).
4. I didn't eat too much on non fast days. If I went out for a meal (e.g. lunch)I would eat very lightly for the dinner. In fact I never eat a big meal with a lot of carbohydrates in the evening, it is usually quiche and salad or something like that.
5. I rarely eat desserts, except on a Sunday when we buy some...


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