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Is there anyone out there who has/had 7½st. to lose?

by Irenaeus on 06 May 2013, 17:53

I'm doing well but as I haven't lost anything now for 3 weeks I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and how they got around it. I am very careful on my 5 days not to exceed 1200 calories and most fast days I'm under 500. I'm physically unable to do a lot of exercise but have now bought a pedal cycle to use daily either by hand or legs if my 2 bad knees allow! By the way my meals on fast days are taken at 7am Porridge & 1pm Cooked dinner a total of 475 calories today.
Also has anyone taken a fortnight/month off and started again with 5:2 and found that a) They didn't gain any weight & b) It triggered off further losses? I have lost 2st. 10lbs. Any ideas, Thanks :geek: :cry:

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Losing 2 stone 10 lbs seems very good to me. And 3 weeks doesn't seem a very long time in the scheme of how long it has taken you to put on the wieght you now want to get rid of. We are wired by evolution to resist losing a lot of weight fast. When you do that your body thinks: oh no, there's a famine, I'd better hold on to my fat to get me through the tough times ahead. All kinds of hormonal stuff happens which prevents you from losing weight, what ever you eat and however much you exercise. That is the 'plateau' so familiar to dieters.Your body needs to get used to being its new weight and then when it feels comfortable at that weight you will be able to coax it into losing more weight. Just keep doing what you are doing, don't deprive yourself because that only feeds the 'famine reaction'. Your body will continue to be anxious that there is a famine. Enjoy food, eat when you are hungry and keep to the limits on fast days. Good luck.
Hi I'm on my 4th week so not been very long, but like you I've got lots to lose!! should be 9st I suppose but I'll settle for 7st.
This week I lost most + am wondering if its because I did 3 fast days + 2 really 'good' days. Some may say you're not eating enough calories on non fast days.( not sure on that one )
Exercise does help so do what you can whenever, I've started walking again a little + often, not sure about the break. But you're doing Great hope it kicks in soon for you. Sue
Oops I'm rubbish at this !!!
I read somewhere that it is very important NOT to eat too little on feed days!
Otherwise it is just another calorie restricted diet. and your metabolism goes in to saving mode....
So I think that if you start eating about 2000 kcal at feed days and stay under 500 kcal on fast days your weight will go down.
Best of luck!!!
Thanks to Sallyo, Sue,Q & Granny for the helpful hints. This is my 23rd. Fast Day today and I was elated to find that I had started to lose again this morning. Only a couple of pounds but that's fine by me & the best news yet, I just hit the 3 stone loss mark, just 4 more to go. At 2 pounds a week I may be down to the incredible weight of my teens.. 10 stone!!! by Christmas. Best wishes to all 5:2 dieters, just remember it's 1 day at a time. Irenaeus :grin: :wink:
Yay! Iranaeus. That's great news. Absolutely:One day at a time.
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