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- July 2014

Blinking 'eck!
04 Jul 2014, 19:22

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It's been a while since I've done this......

by Karenm on 28 Jun 2014, 17:47

I am on my 5th fast this time around. I've snuck in an extra one today to atone for all of the cr@p I scoffed yesterday. I am planning on fasting Mondays and Thursdays. My weight on 20/6/14 was 12st5lb, I lost 3lb this week taking me down to 12st2lb. I desperately want to get to below 12st next week, but another 3lb loss on the trot is perhaps a tad optimistic and unrealistic :razz: however I now weigh 170lb so even a 1lb loss takes me into the 160s so that's my intention - to leave the 170s for the last time in my life!
I think I maybe taking control of my diet as I have little control over much else right now.
My youngest is having major surgery 31 July. I agreed to this and knew what was involved, but had convinced myself it wasn't particularly big, no bigger than when she's had Botox in her legs. But she's having bilateral extension osteotomies of both knees, hamstring release and having psoas ligaments in hip cut. These procedures should enable her legs to straighten (she has fixed flexion contractures) and allow her to weight bear in a standing frame or walker. But it's a four and a half hour surgery. Both femurs will be cut and the knee joint moved into a better position. They'll fix them in place with plates and screws and that should sort her out. Even knowing what was involved I didn't consider her being in hospital longer than overnight, I now know it'll be 3-5 days in Derriford, which is an hour away from home.
Even the preop on 17 July is a four hour ordeal :frown: I'm just not looking forward to it.
I need 5:2 to keep things in check whilst we are up there as I always tend to gain lots of weight when she's in hospital. I'm hoping to break that habit this time. I had hoped OH would take us up in the camper and kip in the car park in him, but at 13mpg I don't think it's practical as we'll already have no income whilst she's in as we are bothe self employed!
Today's fast has gone well with pork and roasted veg and gravy for dinner. I'm feeling full so that'll hopefully do. :clover:
We're watching Sherlock Holmes, a bit of Jude Law should keep me going for a while. I might even grab my crochet out. I tried doing my nails earlier, but some of my gel polish is ruined by the tortoise lamp and I've made a balls up of the nail art so the lot will need removing and redoing properly tomorrow as I'm working Monday and it wouldn't look good doing other ladies nails when my own look a sight :shock: Hopefully I'll make a better job of the blanket. I got disheartened with it as it's so blinking huge. I'd decided to buy a superking bed, so the blanket is 8', but I've changed my mind and am stuck with a monster of a blankey! x

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Wishing you good luck with the surgery. It sounds horrendous! What a difficult time for you! I do send my love. And good luck with 5:2. Be kind to yourself in other ways than food, if you can.
I have loads to keep me busy until the op. We are (hopefully) having the rest of the adaptations completed over next 3 weeks.
We currently have no door on kerrianne's bedroom or the living room. They've taken out the frames and the bits above the doors so the hoist people can join the tracking up from room to room.
The stairlift rail is being replaced, meaning the electric control boxes need moving, a radiator removing and the front door replacing.
Added to which, we will try and get away as often as we can in the camper and I have an odd days work here and there!
Thankyou for your love and luck x
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