Hello and welcome from me. Just a couple of pointers to help you on your way. My first month or so of fasting was a massive learning curve. Firstly I used to have a couple of small meals and snacks, then as time went on I stopped all food until the evening meal. This works for most in the long run. I think it's because the body wants more food once you start eating, the longer you leave it the less you want to eat later. Bananas and other fruits are very high in cals, maybe try to drink more teas, eg green tea, fruit tea, even regular tea and coffee can stave off those rummbly tum moments. Try out some quorn, and other vegetarian meals, these can be very filling and lower in cals. Let us all know how you are getting on. And more importantly enjoy your new control over your inner toddler trying to get its hands on the sweeties in the supermarket. (Your tum)