Re: Wet Walk Went Well!
25 Feb 2014, 19:11
Hi there, :like: I agree with so much emphasis on links between lack of exercise and weight-Weight loss should be secondary to exercise. You should see some of the :shock: dare I say larger more mature ladies in my Zumba class-they certainly put the youngsters and me(no spring chicken at 48)to shame. :frown: As a youngster I danced/swam and ice skated but gave it all up to concentrate on my O levels and deciding a career path. 5:2 has had rapid results :victory: and I need to up my exercise but do tend to shy away from walking (and running-no way) especially if it's raining. Besides,why should I go out in the rain wind and cold when my staffie refuses to leave the house :confused: I do admire your determination if only I could get the taste for exercise as I have the taste for this new way of dieting.....oops eating regime :lol: