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Anyone exercise hard while fasting? Mountain biker fanatic

by Nina10 on 19 Apr 2013, 15:49

Looking for feedback and motivation on exercising while fasting/repairing. Anyone tried it? Am worried about getting light headed. I might try it with the idea that I can eat if need be. I don't want to put my life on 'hold' because I'm fasting. Right now it feels like i'm waiting for the fast day to end so that I can be normal. I usually exercise a lot - but don't eat so well. :oops: So have 10-12 lbs to lose.

I'm a uphill mt bike rider and am worried that I'll get on the trail and 'bonk' as we call it here in the US. This means can't bike back to car because too tired (this is an understatement - like have the shakes and sick stomach, etc). This has happened to my friends on just a regular diet, but I've never had it happen. I also eat a lot more than my friends :grin: - thus the need to lose a little.

Thoughts? :?:

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Hi I have just completed my 6th fast. I am a gardener by trade & garden (varying tasks upto 28hrs a week). I have also chosen to exercise on fast days (to maximise fat burning potential) which consists of alternating gym visits (cross trainer or treadmill & power plate burning 500 - 600 calories or a 2mile swim which I complete in about 1hr 10.

I generally complete at least 2 swims a week along with 1 - 2 gym visits.
I have felt no ill effects so far. I have started on 3:4 in order to hopefully speed up my potential weight loss. With a plan to reduce to 2:5 once I have lost my first stone.

Thank you! That is a lot of exercise. You are about as far as me in the fast cycle. I've done 5 fasts but am on the 2:5 plan. Okay - I'm more motivated. I'll try an exercise day with fasting.
You might find it easier to exercise on fast days and rest or take it a little easier the day after fasting... If your schedule allows, plan your easiest/rest days as the day following a fast and give it a try but make sure you have back up and a way to get home!

I run 25 - 30 miles a week plus 2 mile walks at lunchtime daily and hill walking most weekends and I find its the day after a fast that I run out of energy if I do a long or hard run....
Interesting. It just amazing what our bodies can do for us when we ask! Why do you suppose it's easier to exercise hard on less calories?
That's lots of miles, BTW. I do find that I notice getting sleepy after meals on feed days. Thanks for the idea. I did try exercising hard on a fast day once and found it not too bad. It was a short ride, but very steep. Stopped a lot more. I just needed to give myself permission to go slow and it was totally doable. I will do it again. Was scheduled to do it today but ended up with a head cold. Can't breath out of my nose! So, i'll try it again next week.
How many miles do you run on a fast day?
Yes .. When we push it, it's strange just how much we can do and the psychological barriers that seem to stop us otherwise....

I find I am still learning control on feed days and learning how much I should eat rather than end up snacking though it can be hard to have a big Neal at times

I'd take a couple of days to get over the cold before you try anything hard on a fast day and give yourself permission to stop if it feels tough....

On the first fast day of the week I usually run between 4 and 6 miles - usually at an easier pace after a long run at the weekend, then I find the next day is a little tough but run about 4 - 5 miles

2nd fast day I may try some speed work etc about 4 or 5 miles again, then I find I need a slower day
Days vary a bit depending on which days I fast and I usually have a rest day as well so run 4 out of 5 week days

Then on a weekend it's either hillwalking Saturday and long run Sunday, or 10k Saturday and longer run 9-10 miles Sunday.... Plus good food and wine after a careful week

It's quite addictive, trying to improve pace etc too - a but like MTB I guess?
As a MTB who has tried running - that milage is impressive! Do you find that you lose a lot of weight on your fast days when you run? I lost a lot the one week I fasted and MTB on the same day! Very motivating. I'm trying it again tomorrow now that my head cold is gone.

I even had a candy bar today! And yes - MTB is addictive! I can't get enough. Thanks for your input.
What I generally find is that the comination of food in and exercise shows up daily.... I generally weigh daily and track food and exercise and can see how it fluctuates - on a fast day with running I can shed upto 3 lbs overnight, but over the course of the week there are ups and downs on days where I eat more so my average loss is 1 - 1.5 lbs per week....

I know that if I didn't track, I would over eat.... I tend to eat when I am bored or just because its there, and can easily go through 150g bar of milk chocolate without coming up for air! that is one of the things I am trying to learn to control.... but the easiest way is not to have it around in the first place.... and the alternative is to make sure I burn off those extra calories so then its on with the running shoes and out the door for another session :)
I worry about this as well - particularly with biking and bonking. Miserable! But my hubby says glycogen stores the day after a fast are more likely an issue than the day of. But, I took a tough spinning class today on a fast day, and took a 2 hour nap! (Totally unlike me!)
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