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Here I go again...

by Rhonda on 09 Dec 2013, 14:01

Okay, enough is enough, get back on track and all that jazz... Today, Monday 9th December 2013 I am starting again and feel energised and ready to change my lifestyle for the better. Why I can hear people asking are you starting again, what makes you think this time will be any better? Well, enough is enough, instead of losing I have gained (again) and I am pissed off at myself for being so stupid. I played golf yesterday (only 10 holes) and carried my clubs, I struggled to climb one of the hills, really struggled, then ate a big lunch and a big dinner and had two puddings - what a stupid stupid thing to do... Or, as I am looking at it in a positive light, a brilliant thing to do to get myself going in the right direction, instead of him hawing and saying I will tomorrow, I WILL TODAY.

Fasting Mon & Thurs
Start wt 13 st 10 (192 lb) 9 Dec 2013
-0 wk 10 at 13 st 5 (187 lb) 14 Feb 2014
I am still lighter by 5 pounds
Goal weight 11 st 1 (155 lb)
Valentine's Day Challenge Member No: 39 - mini goal 13 st (182 lb) Did not achieve this mini goal.
Running for the birds ... ondaMorris
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Re: Here I go again...
09 Dec 2013, 15:37
If it's any help, I try and think of it not as success and failure but as a lifestyle choice. We are gentle with the rations on non-fasting days and we keep to the 500/600 kcals on the fasting days. It helped me to have a plan and stick to it. Paul
Re: Here I go again...
09 Dec 2013, 17:04
Thanks Manwasp - so far today has been fab. Just had small bowl of homemade low fat yogurt with some berries and a sprinkling of sunflower/hemp/pumpkin/linseed mix and two home dehydrated apple rings. Have had loads of herbal tea and water today and even got my jacket on and went for a 30 minute invigorating walk. I feel good ....
Re: Here I go again...
09 Dec 2013, 23:13
Rhonda I know what you are going through, I have had to start again after time away and gaining, but as Paul has said we have plans and stick to them, we can do this you can do this.
well done you to come back and try again.

Re: Here I go again...
11 Dec 2013, 22:09
Thanks Andy
So far so good.
Re: Here I go again...
11 Dec 2013, 22:22
Okay, made it through my first fast day on Monday with ease and looking forward to my second fast day tomorrow, Thursday 12 December 2013.
I have also managed to do at least 30 minutes of exercise, mainly walking, every day since starting on Monday. I am really really determined to follow this lifestyle as I believe in my heart and soul that it will work for me. Yesterday I was in charge of the Ladies Christmas Tea at my golf club, which meant eating nibble type food twice as there was an evening and an afternoon session. There were sandwiches and small sausage rolls, mini mince pies and shortbread, and some other items. I did have two glasses of white wine and a couple of soda water with lime and coffee. I can honestly say that having that yesterday after fasting on Monday that I did not feel comfortable when I went to bed last night, it felt like all that JUNK was sitting at the top of my stomach. Part of me wanted to go the bathroom and just stick my finger down my throat to relieve myself of the JUNK but I didn't, I decided to remember that feeling and vowed to not do that again if at all possible. Looking on the bright side, I did not eat massive amounts of the JUNK and apart from having homemade yogurt and fruit for breakfast sprinkled with a seed mixture, that is all I ate yesterday so I am pleased with myself for not having massive amounts of food and actually preparing myself for the day. So, as I said, I am looking forward to fasting tomorrow. Today's food was homemade yogurt and fruit and seeds, and some fruit for lunch and for dinner had fish and mushrooms. It doesn't seem like I have been eating a lot looking at what I type here but compared to what I have been eating of late I am happy and I am not hungry so I think I will be okay for now. I will up the food when I feel I need it - I am not depriving myself of any food, just don't feel hungry, which for me the kind of person who sees food and eats it whether hungry or not, I think this is a good thing. So positive thinking is the order of the day. Nearly time for bed - looking forward to tomorrow's fast day - will report again when I get a chance.
Re: Here I go again...
12 Dec 2013, 14:31
Well today is a fast day - and so far so good - just finished my homemade yogurt with berries, seed mix and Agave Nectar- yummy and satisfyingly filling. Have had tea and coffee and loads of ice water - going to have some more herbal tea soon. I really like the Pukka flavours - might have triple mint - sounds yummy. I am really proud of myself holding off eating my yogurt until 2pm whoo hooo... Also had my 30 minute walk before eating it as well. Thinking about doing another fast day on Saturday this week, ie 4:3, this week only as a jump start but will see how I feel after today and tomorrow.
Re: Here I go again...
12 Dec 2013, 19:01
So far still doing remarkably well for my Fast Day today, 12th December 2013. Just now enjoying a mug of coffee mixed with low fat/low calorie hot chocolate as a nice evening treat - bliss. Going to try to go as long as I can without food tomorrow morning, ie hoping to make it to lunch time or until I feel hungry, then will have my usual homemade yogurt, fruit and seed mix - I do look forward to that. Keep on keeping on is what I am saying to myself these days.
Re: Here I go again...
15 Dec 2013, 16:57
Well the first week back is nearly over and I am looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow, also tomorrow is another fast day. So far so good.
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