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Stupid mistake, so annoyed with myself!

by Romany05 on 27 Mar 2013, 10:22

I can't believe I made such a stupid basic mistake for this diet! I had been doing incredibly well for the last 9 days and lost 3.4 Kilos, which is a lot and I know its not sustainable, but I wanted it to last as long as possible.
The last few days have been, fast lose 600g, feed gain 200g, which is wonderful for the motivation. But (there is always a but!) I have been worried that I might be under eating, so wanted to make sure that I ate my allotted calories. All well and good until yesterday's fast day, I made a vegetable and prawn stir fry. But I was way under on calories, I added some more veg but that was not going to help, but then I thought, add more sweet chilli and teriaki sauce! It will give a real flavour hit and I love my spices.
All well and good but I forgot the cardinal rule of my body. It is addicted to sugar and carbs and although I was on target, calories wise, I had just blown my last 9 days of hard work sticking to very low carbs!
I know I still lost 100g today and that is still good, But (there is that word again!) my body adapts so easily, so that's the end of the speedy weight loss and because of that very costly stupid mistake, I know now that the real dieting hard work begins. This means I have small losses, slightly bigger gains and weight plateaus to come!

Cardinal Rule 1.
Look back at previous diets, work out what exactly helped me to lose weight and learn from my mistakes.

SPRINGing into FALL Challenger #63 - Target 8lbs
Saturday 21st Jun 2014 - 82.00kg/12st 12.78lbs/180.78lbs BMI 28.37
Saturday 5th Jul 2014 - 80.75kg/12st 10.02lbs/178.02lbs BMI 27.94
Saturday 12th Jul 2014 -80.40kg/12st 9.25lbs/177.25lbs BMI 27.82 W 94cm/55.29%

Saturday 19th Jul 2014 SAME

Originally ADF now 4:3 Mon/Wed/Fri Water & Herbal tea 1x500cal 8pm meal- Low Carbs - Gym 2 x 1hr per week
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