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- April 2015

Fat Mass Detail from Repeat DXA Scan
12 Apr 2015, 15:51

Lean Body Mass Detail
06 Apr 2015, 08:26

Repeat DXA Scan
03 Apr 2015, 08:31

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Maintenance Mundanities

I'm in maintenance but still whittling down my body fat levels in order to achieve a reasonable body composition. I have very low muscle mass so, although I have a low scale weight and look slender, I have an unwelcome kinship with streaky bacon, except that the bacon has a more favourable fat:lean ratio. :oops:

I've lost 60lbs since my highest weight

by SSure on 13 Aug 2014, 10:59

It's taken a while for the penny to drop. After I recorded a weigh-in at 108lbs, something was niggling at me.

I've just realised that it's because my heaviest weight was 168lbs (2011) so I've shed 60lbs. 60lbs is 36% of 168lbs and 56% of my current weight.

I used ADF/4:3 to shed this weight and also to change my body composition as much as I could, and in line with healthy parameters.

I'll be very interested to see how IF/ADF/4:3 and similar fasting maintainers fare in the long-term, both anecdotally and in clinical studies.

HW: 168lbs (2011) CW: 102lbs BMI: <19
Maintenance IF 4:3

Dexa scan reports that I have low skeletal muscle mass and I'm categorised as sarcopenic, despite my age and fitness activities: body composition changed from 42% body fat at 127lbs to 20% at 103lbs.

SINS - Simple Is the New Sustainable
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