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- April 2015

Fat Mass Detail from Repeat DXA Scan
12 Apr 2015, 15:51

Lean Body Mass Detail
06 Apr 2015, 08:26

Repeat DXA Scan
03 Apr 2015, 08:31

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Maintenance Mundanities

I'm in maintenance but still whittling down my body fat levels in order to achieve a reasonable body composition. I have very low muscle mass so, although I have a low scale weight and look slender, I have an unwelcome kinship with streaky bacon, except that the bacon has a more favourable fat:lean ratio. :oops:

My BMR, TDEE and Maintenance

by SSure on 09 Sep 2014, 08:18

The GDA for a woman is 2000kcals per day. Pah. Mine is <1300kcals on an active day. When are these going to be formally revised enough to be useful and relevant enough to guide individuals?

I've just had a rude wake-up about my BMR. It was last formally calculated when I had my Dexa scan and estimated using my measured amount of skeletal muscle mass (rather than an estimate) and the Miffin St Jeor formula. At that time it was <1100kcals for the BMR with a proposed TDEE multiplier of 1.5 for days on which I kayak, and 1.2 otherwise.

I've just re-run the calculations for my present weight (assuming no loss of lean body mass).

BMR is now <900kcals because of my low levels of muscle mass.

Projected TDEE is approx. 1000kcals on a sedentary day and 1275kcals on an active day (such as one when I kayak).

Now, my TDEE tends to be slightly higher than that because I reverse dieted for several months but I'm horrified at these levels. The more so as I'm trying to plan for my time post-surgery when I'll be abruptly sedentary.

I already follow 4:3 to maintain. I find it easier to fast x3 and eat a more generous amount of food on the other 4 days than to attempt to eat between 1000-1300kcals every day. This suits my life better tho' after surgery I'll only need approx. 7000kcals in a week.

And it's not even as if I'll be in control of portion sizes while I'm recuperating.

Unless I do something absolutely bizarre like buy yet another freezer and prepare and portion all of my meals before I have the surgery so other people just have to heat them for me and there can't be any portion creep.

On the one hand, this feels like an absurd level of trying to impose control and yet...any weight I gain would be body fat and that would cause all sorts of endocrine problems that would interfere with my recovery - and gaining weight would also interfere with that recovery.

HW: 168lbs (2011) CW: 102lbs BMI: <19
Maintenance IF 4:3

Dexa scan reports that I have low skeletal muscle mass and I'm categorised as sarcopenic, despite my age and fitness activities: body composition changed from 42% body fat at 127lbs to 20% at 103lbs.

SINS - Simple Is the New Sustainable
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