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- April 2015

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the red dress

by Sallyo on 07 Sep 2014, 21:53

Such a long time with no blog so it's time for a catch up.
It was my birthday on Friday - 62.
I haven't lost any weight since last summer and I'm ok with that, but I hope I do lose more when this summer comes.
I wore my new red dress to the party on Saturday. It was bought with local currency and is quite a posh dress. I even bought some lipstick to wear with it as it was the kind of dress that made you think 'lipstick'. Everyone complimented me on my appearance and I think it was the weight loss as well as the red dress. I don't wear stockings so I wore black leggings under neath which looked a bit odd, but so what! I reckon when I get to 62 I can wear what I like to my own party.
I have been fasting nearly 18 months and it is hardly an issue any more. I just do it. I have learned some tricks. I think it's good to have nothing all day and then have a more or less normal evening meal, early but no wine or heavy carbs.
The house renovations which were in full swing when I started fasting last year were shown off at the party. Over the last few weeks the final bit has been completed, a paved patio outside the French doors. We now have an outside table and chairs out there and it's lovely. We can sit outside in the afternoon sun.
I am busy with the Green local council elections.
What would be good would be to get back into walking. Yoga has become a part of my life again and that's great but it would be good to walk on the days I don't do yoga. That might be my Christmas Club goal.

Katharina is my fasting buddy.
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