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My food management journey

Daily? record of my food management journey to see if I can learn more strategies for effective management of my food consumption

Day 12

by Sassy1 on 25 Sep 2016, 22:35

Well, it shouldn't have "had to happen" - but it did - an evening of real overindulging.

Lots of contributing factors I think. Already "fed-up" with my challenge, despite a good first week. Not wanting to fast. Bored. Tired. Watching too much TV and trying to keep awake. Poor lighting so couldn't colour in as a distractor. Deciding that I needed (????) to break the chocolate drought...

The daytime was fine, eating wise and otherwise. Had brekkie mid morning (muesli, yoghurt, egg) and latish salmon salad lunch -without too many trimmings as we were going out for afternoon tea, where I did have bread and butter pudding (not as nice as my own!!). I enjoyed it though, and it didn't make me want to eat any more sugar (at that stage??). OH wanted dinner earlyish as we were testing the new BBQ and it still gets dark early (daylight saving next weekend - yay!). I wasn't really hungry but of course managed the steak, BBQ potatoes, carby veg and salad.

That was all fine, and should have been enough for the day. But I still had the orange, berries and cottage cheese, cheese, apple, dried fruit and nuts, 2 slices bread and butter, and a small bar of milk chocolate (much as I have tried, dark choc just does not do it for me, it's the creaminess that I like). An extra half a days cals consumed.

And that afternoon I had watched 4 videos on food cravings and techniques for managing these, which made a lot of sense. But didn't help on this occasion.

So this morning I have a full semi-uncomfortable tummy. Serves me right. I am thinking that maybe I should make this a fast day. I am certainly not hungry so far. We will have a busy morning then the drive home, so I may be able to hold out on eating til dinner. It should be my penance!! Hmm, not sure that is the attitude for fasting...

Have I learnt anything new from last night's indulgences? Don't think so. Now, if I can "get back on track" there should not be any harm done. And I could view it like one of Tracieknit's feast days that she allows herself once a week. But I really do want to learn how not to have evenings like that. Almost ever. Is it possible?

Goal reached December 2013, weight loss strategy 5:2, weight management strategy is eating a wide range of (mainly) whole foods but am back to following 5:2 for a while. Main eating challenge is the evening munchies! :razz:
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