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My food management journey

Daily? record of my food management journey to see if I can learn more strategies for effective management of my food consumption

Days 26-27

by Sassy1 on 11 Oct 2016, 09:07

Shortly after posting the previous blog, we lost power, and 2 days later we are still without power and it will be at least another day before we are reconnected. Two large trees brought power lines down in two separate places not far from us. No work has yet started on removing the trees and repairing the lines because relatively few homes are affected, compared to many other areas of the city which have lost power.

We at least have gas hot water and a generator that can run the fridge. The main discomfort is a lack of heating, but we do have a log fire tonight which is lovely.

Anyway, my eating has suffered as a result!! I can blame being cold, to some extent, tho that is probably just an excuse for the extra eating in the evening. We have had home made pizzas 2 nights, as these can be cooked in the Weber. Very yum, very high calorie. (We have electric stove and oven inside.) I have also eaten out a few times, including coffee and cakes or similar. Oh well, I have enjoyed it all, although a couple of my evening snacks were definitely eaten for the sake of eating... I wasn't hungry or even wanting to eat, but just ate. I still can't figure what is driving that.

Tomorrow is ideally a fast day. We will see. I didn't eat til lunchtime today, but have more than made up for that.

I can't do as much exercise as usual either. I won't cycle locally til the power lines are fixed and the debris on the road reduced. And the treadmill needs power. The National Parks where I usually walk are closed due to storm damage. And the weather is not really in my favour either - showers and rain.

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon!

Goal reached December 2013, weight loss strategy 5:2, weight management strategy is eating a wide range of (mainly) whole foods but am back to following 5:2 for a while. Main eating challenge is the evening munchies! :razz:
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