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My food management journey

Daily? record of my food management journey to see if I can learn more strategies for effective management of my food consumption

Days 8 and 9

by Sassy1 on 23 Sep 2016, 02:17

Well, I must admit that I am feeling quite good on day seven of the challenge. (It is confusing having different days for my blog to the days for the challenge - oh well.)

Yesterday I really did appreciate having food after the fast day the day before where I had felt very hungry for a lot of the day, and last night I did feel I wanted to eat but I knew I wasn't really hungry and I did manage to resist, apart from a few raisins, a few frozen strawberries and the usual cottage cheese which does seem to work well for me as an evening snack - in terms of me not wanting anything more afterwards... usually.

My food for the day was scrambled eggs, porridge and an orange for brekkie, salmon salad with quinoa, walnuts, sultanas and avocado for lunch, cheese and whole grain crackers with a small glass of wine pre-dinner, and salmon (again!) and veg for dinner, followed by a frozen orange.

I was really tired on my fast day in the evening and went to bed very early for me. I don't know why I was so tired, I don't think it was anything to do with the fasting, because I have never had that association before. I have not been more than usually busy, I have resumed most of my normal activities and not had a lot to do on top of that. But I was ill with a cold last week, so my body may be still recovering.

No chocolate eaten for almost a week now. Quite amazing. I am not really missing it either. I have to admit that not eating any sugary processed carbs does seem to help with managing food intake. So far. Still early days,

So far today have had a hard boiled egg and home made muesli with yoghurt for brekkie. I will have the tuna salad with the usual trimmings for lunch.

We are going away for the weekend, and although we are self-catering, it will be harder to stick to only eating when hungry, and to avoid the processed carbs. Not sure I will fast tomorrow - I find fasting very difficult unless I have a full day of activities. Our weekend will be quiet, and I find it much harder to manage the food intake in general when not busy. Will see!

My tummy does seem a little smaller, but otherwise can't see much change. Not that I would expect to after one week. But, as I said at the start of this post, I feel pretty good, and am pleased with how the week has gone.

One thing I have been meaning to say for some while, and I think it could be raised as a forum thread, is how much I think about weight/dieting since I started 5:2. Prior to that it was something I would think about from time to time. Now it does feel a bit like an obsession, and I don't think that is healthy. A considerable amount of my thinking time each day goes on this. I guess being retired gives me the time to think about it - when I was in paid work, that filled my mind all the time!!

Goal reached December 2013, weight loss strategy 5:2, weight management strategy is eating a wide range of (mainly) whole foods but am back to following 5:2 for a while. Main eating challenge is the evening munchies! :razz:
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