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+ September 2016

My food management journey

Daily? record of my food management journey to see if I can learn more strategies for effective management of my food consumption

The start!

by Sassy1 on 15 Sep 2016, 00:56

I have decided to start a blog. Obviously. The aim is to help me work out strategies to manage/prevent (over) eating when I am not hungry.

A recap on me, in case anyone else reads this. I have been borderline overweight since puberty, with some notable exceptions. I had not dieted since early adulthood but when I retired from paid work, I started putting on more weight. I came across a short article on 5:2 in a magazine, I decided it was something I could do, and I did. I lost on average about half a kg a week, and reached my arbitrary goal after 36 weeks, having lost 18kg to reach a BMI of 21-22. That is now over 3 years ago. I seemed to lose the weight very easily at that time. I followed the basic 5:2 but did make some other changes to my diet - reducing pasta, rice, bread, fruit. My basic diet has always been quite healthy - I already ate a lot of vegetables and not much processed food, but chocolate is a weakness as well as binge eating in the evening. My other major challenge is when I can't have my usual large salad for lunch and lots of veg for dinner, I will almost always overeat anything else available. A major problem when on holiday, which we now go on quite often,

For the first year after reaching goal I was able to more or less maintain at about goal, but after a big overseas holiday I put on quite a few kilos and can't shift it all. I lose some, then put it back and keep cycling through that...

I am now much more active than I was when working, so in fact my TDEE is now probably not much different than it was when I was stable borderline overweight. The activity is what helps keep my weight from going up too much.

But I continue to battle with semi-regular evening bingeing, and not being able to eat in moderation if I can't have lots of veg.

Some things that help:
- drinking lots of water (but this makes my interrupted sleep even worse)
- keeping a record of what I eat
- doing something with my hands - knitting, colouring in

I am not prepared to cut chocolate from my diet. Some days I am able to only eat a small amount, I just need that to be almost every day!

Food is one of the things that gives me pleasure, and I do not wish to cut out any foods that I like. I know that I can maintain a reasonable weight and still eat lots of different things, including carbs, the problem is eating when not hungry. Cutting out non-veg carbs can help, but I don't find it sustainable and I can easily overindulge in fatty foods (nuts and cheese) as alternatives anyway.

I do wonder if there is truth in the body finding a weight that it is comfortable with, and if you go below that, it will conspire to put weight back on. If I hadn't got to such a low weight as I did with goal, I would be more content at my current size.

BUT the issue is still that I would like to find a way to reduce/eliminate the over-eating in evenings and to find ways to manage my intake when I don't have vegetables available to me.

I am currently in the final stages of a cold, and over the last week I have consistently eaten far too much and not done any exercise either. So I don't feel too good. I don't want to "diet" while recovering from the cold (eg no fast days) but I do want to get back on track again and really see if I can sort out some effective strategies for managing my food intake.

I am hoping that a daily blog will help!

I haven't eaten yet today, and it is 11am. I have not felt hungry, no doubt due to the huge binge yesterday. I can't work out whether to have a late brekkie of my fave eggs followed by porridge, or just wait till lunch. Think I might do the latter, since not hungry yet.

I have not posted on the forum for over a year, for various reasons. I have mixed thoughts about doing so.
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Goal reached December 2013, weight loss strategy 5:2, weight management strategy is eating a wide range of (mainly) whole foods but am back to following 5:2 for a while. Main eating challenge is the evening munchies! :razz:
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