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- April 2013

how Im getting on
06 Apr 2013, 18:45

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how Im getting on

by amberenchanted on 06 Apr 2013, 18:45

tuesday april 2nd. Fast day no1. weight at start of this 12st (168lb) exactly. waist 35/37 hip 43. worked out normal calories 1830-2000. with fasting calories at 625 maximum. will not use the calories earnt whilst running & stick to under 2000 a day which should be do-able. have been treating myself to far too much food for my running & my recent half marathon training. need/want to lose at least half to 3/4 stone. 11.3lb is my goal. WW goal weight 2 years ago. hoping to lose a steady pound a week & get rid of my wobbly belly & muffin top & builders bum (I know what I mean). damm. am 12stone exactly. not good but defo day 1 motivation!! ran 6 miles this morning then had a long sleepy bath. now 2pm & hunger noisy. gonna save the rest of my 500 calories for dinner then no-one will know about this being day 1. not told anyone as dont want anyone to know, especially my girls who are 14,15 & almost 17. not good as Im not really that overweight & dont want them getting it into their head that they have to lose weight. besides, am doing this for me. I want to be able to get into my jeans & them not be tight around my waist with my belly hanging over them. I dont want to have to cover up in a baggy tshirt all through the summer. so far no-one has noticed that I havent eaten allllll day, not even hubby. I did mention that I was reading this book but dont think he needs to know either. not yet anyway. 4.30pm. been shopping. going to have beans on toast for dinner. day 1 successful! & not as bad as I had thought it would be.

day 2. normal day. didnt sleep well. keep getting up for a wee. 3 times I think! got a bit of a dull headache today but now that Ive eaten hopefully that will disappear. did weigh myself though. 1lb lost. probably put that back on today though. havent gone mad & pigged out today although did reach the 2000 calorie mark. hoping for a better nights sleep as a bit ratty today with kids.

day 3. woke up feeling really hungry so will have a runfast day tomorrow.

day 4. runfast day 2. ran 4 miles (45mins) on the treadmill followed by 15mins on the exercise bike. 5.50pm. havent eaten all day. some tummy grumblling that went away with hot chocolate. am having 4xquorn mini fillets on a salad for dinner. feeling good. dinner was filling but too much thousand island dressing. hoping for a good nights sleep. bed at 10.45 x

day 5.normal day & its the weekend. 11.11.6lb on scales this morning but wont weigh again til monday morning which will be my next fast day & is going to be my normal weigh in day. no headache this morning which is good. doesnt even feel as if I had a fast day yesterday. better nigbts sleep. only up for the loo twice! 1970 calories today which includes the 2 glasses of wine that I havent had yet :) & a fry up for dinner. its strange. belly doesnt feel as bloated as normal & neither do I, even after the fry up. sunday tomorrow & looking forward to a run as has been cold but bright & sunny today.

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Re: how Im getting on
07 Apr 2013, 17:57
day 6. normal day today. just added up my calories & just a little under 2000 again. this is great. I have been able to use my calories & not have to worry like I did when I only had 1400odd to play around with. fast day tomorrow. have run today. 5miles in 57mins. was tough on the legs but shouldnt really have been as I ate well yesterday. also feel confident not using my calories earnt & the realisation that I dont actually need them. that it was all in my head. I can survive on 500 & will do tomorrow. will also weigh in first thing & make the first fast day of the week my weigh in day. think I will need to space my days throughout the week. maybe 2 days gap then 3 days gap. that way I should have enough energy to keep up my running. weighed today at 11.11.6lb. same as yesterday????? & I ate normally. that dont make sense. anyway, weigh day tomorrow then not again til the next week. I also plan not to count calories as having 2000 is loads if I dont hit the biscuit tin!
Re: how Im getting on
08 Apr 2013, 07:13
Great to read your blog, I'm just about to embark,must step up my exercise though, have back problem, hoping with less weight it will become easier :) Here goes x
Re: how Im getting on
08 Apr 2013, 16:21
Thanks lynz. Don't envy you with back pain. That's as bad as earache! Hope it's not a long term thing. Good luck when you take the plunge.

First weigh in today. Hip hip hooray!!!!! 2lb 10oz lost after 6 days & 2 fasts. Weight stayed the same over weekend even though I had wine, chocolate & 2 donuts?? Fast day 3. No running today but kept busy making curtains. Again hot chocolate was my best friend when hunger got noisy. 5.15pm & dinner in the oven. Quorn ready made lasagne & side salad will come in at under my 500 Inc the cups of tea & 2 hot chocolates. Woohoo. Another one over. No more longing for a chocolate ring donut. May have one for breakfast before I hit the gym or go for a swim. Think I'm gonna need a quick energy rush!
Re: how Im getting on
11 Apr 2013, 18:11
weds 10th. ate egg & chips for dinner & felt sick afterwards with really bloated & uncomfortable belly. eyuck. brought my 4th fast forward a day to today. 11th april. although woke up this morning & bloated belly all gone. sneaky peek on scales says 11.11.6. same as monday weight so that good. after the way my belly felt I thought Id be back to 12stone. anyways, fast day today & feeling good. took daughter shopping & resisted mcdonald. easy for me as I only eat the fish anyways. smell was awful when you not eating although I had about 10 small crispy fries which was enough. now 7.15 & dinner late as been out this afternoon. have got mushroom omelette & salad & now feeling a bit hungrier. so far so good. x
Re: how Im getting on
14 Apr 2013, 15:29
Hungry. I am so hungry today. It's 4.25 & dinner can't come round soon enough. Fast day 5. Day 13. Still feeling positive. Had a bit of a pig out yesterday so here I am on another fast day. Went to bed last night with windy, uncomfortable belly but had the best nights sleep for ages. Been to gym this morning & done 1hour on the cross trainer & felt fantastic when I finished. Bit of a lazy day at home which is why I've probably noticed the hunger. Having quorn meatballs with pasta so that should fill me up. Have decided to do fast every 3 days from now on. Weigh day Monday. Tomorrow
Re: how Im getting on
15 Apr 2013, 09:23
11.10.4lbs today!!!! Woohoo. Over a pound loss this week & I've had a couple of pig out days :) x
Re: how Im getting on
16 Apr 2013, 17:41
Fast day 6. Am doing today and Thursday as off to Manchester for anniversary and Molly seeing one direction, again!! Anniversary meal planned for Saturday and probably scrap food on way to Manchester Fri night. Fast day today fine. Feeling full from dinner. Quine shepherd's pie and finger roll. Qourn stuff a bit tasteless but bearable. Just got to keep my hands out of the biscuit tin tonight. And ran 3 miles this morning. X
Re: how Im getting on
18 Apr 2013, 18:44
Fast day 7. Made it!! Nearly over. Watching eastenders and spotted leftover whole nut choc but resisted the urge and settled for a hot choc. I know that one square will lead to scoffing the rest of the bar. Away tomorrow night and looking forward to big meal Saturday. Best thing is it will be a late lunch/afternoon meal so won't go to bed feeling stuffed. Another good day. X
Re: how Im getting on
22 Apr 2013, 20:05
4.78lbs lost now. Nearly 5lbs in less than 3 weeks!!! That's absolutely brilliant, especially after a weekend of Junky food. 8 fasts done now. X
Re: how Im getting on
25 Apr 2013, 20:52
Repair day 9. Gonna name it a repair day as overdid it with birthday buffet food on Tuesday for youngest birthday and felt rather bloated yesterday. Have run 6.5miles this morning. Fantastic run and felt great afterwards. Have had headache for a few days. Putting it down to the sun shining bright. Hungry today. More than usual but think headache had something to do with that. Fish cakes and curly fries for dinner and big glass of water before bed. Night x
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