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- November 2013

Interim target met or not?
13 Nov 2013, 14:32

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Random musings of a fast dieter

Not sure how this blog will turn out, so for now it can be described simply as 'random' but probably quite nerdy and foody!
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Interim target met or not?

by carorees on 13 Nov 2013, 14:32

I set my interim target at 73 kg some months ago, for what reason I can't quite remember...I think it was related to getting under a BMI of 27 (the evidence for a significant improvement in mortality risk for BMI of 25 vs 27 is pretty poor), it is a weight that represents the lowest I've been for about 20 years and I felt it was achievable.

Anyway, since Saturday I've been under 73 kg on each of my daily weigh-ins but my trend weight is still a little have I met my interim target or not??? It feels like I have...

I'm feeling ambivalent about how to proceed now. Part of me wants to push on towards a BMI of 25 with all haste; another part of me is worried that maintenance will be so hard to navigate (how much of an increase do you allow yourself before throwing in another fast for example) that I want to take the next stage (BMI 27 down to 25 and maybe beyond if I'm not looking gaunt [I have a large frame]) really slowly, so that I put off reaching the point where I have to try...


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A couple of milestones

by carorees on 20 Sep 2013, 10:26

I'm really pleased today to have finally broken the 12 stone barrier and weighed in at 11 stone 13.5 lb (76kg)! :like: Funny how 11 stone something sounds so much better than 12 stone something!

Second milestone...I squeezed into some size 12 jeans!!! :victory: OK, so I did it by squashing all the flab up from my tummy creating a spare tyre higher up :oops: but, hey, I got into them and I can sit down and everything! The size 14s were getting too lose around the bum and thighs. They look OK as slouch jeans but I needed some tight jeans to hold everything in and give it some shape! :cool:

Since losing...


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Experimenting with 16:8

by carorees on 08 Sep 2013, 17:12

Hmm, it's been an age since I added to this blog. I don't think I'm a natural blogger TBH but partly because most of the time I spend on the forum is done on my phone rather than at the computer and the prospect of writing a whole blog entry on my phone is rather off-putting! But I digress.

I thought it might be time to write an update about my experience of changing from 5:2 to 16:8.

I decided quite a while ago that the easiest way to manage my diet during my 3-week holiday in Sweden would be to skip breakfast (which at the place we go to is fairly uninspiring anyway being just bread and jam) and not eat until lunchtime. As we have our evening meal fairly early at our holiday house, it would mean I would naturally be adopting the 16:8 format of intermittent fasting.

I also aimed to cut down on carbs as far as possible. In the run up to the holiday I had been increasingly convinced that cutting down on carbs would be A Good Thing, so to skip breakfast meant...

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Starting a forum

by carorees on 19 Mar 2013, 15:08

To continue the history lesson, in early January, myself, Moogie and various others who had been following DrM on twitter and were members of the facebook groups were all excitedly waiting for the new official website to be launched that DrM had tweeted about. Sadly, when it did launch it did not really solve the problems of the facebook groups, which is to say that although populated by lots of lovely people, the facebook group format does not have all the possibilities for arranging threads, searching etc. The official website did not improve on the facebook group either - there was no way of starting a new thread, just commenting on articles written by Michael or Mimi. I tweeted Dr M saying I felt there was a desperate need for a forum. Then I spotted Moogie had also tweeted him offering to set up a forum and he had replied "please do" so I immediately contacted her and offered to be a moderator if she needed help. Luckily she accepted my application and I have been hardly...


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by carorees on 12 Mar 2013, 23:00

No time to continue my back story today...have been preparing for DS's birthday tomorrow...baked and decorated 36 chocolate cup cakes for him to take to school..wrapped presents and started the birthday cake to be finished tomorrow (also heavy on the chocolate). Tried to pipe white chocolate ganache on the cakes but it wouldn't pipe so had to settle for splodges! Disguised the amateur nature of the icing by sprinkling with chocolate curls. DS did a quality control check and pronounced them delicious...phew! Will have another go at chocolate ganache tomorrow but will not be trying to pipe it! Watched the first on the new series of Masterchef tonight...intrigued by the custard filled deep fried courgette flowers...I wonder what they're like? Looks like a single one would probably be an entire fast day's calories! :lol:

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