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- July 2014

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10 Jul 2014, 23:22

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Shifting the excess

I expect i am like many women. Two small children, full-time work, no time to myself. Over the years i have halfheartedly tried different diets, and spent money too!! I am feeling the excess, i can't believe i have let it get this far. This is crunch time.

After reading the book i know i can do this and this will suit my lifestyle.

This is my journey - the highs and lows of shifting the massive amount of excess weight i make myself carry every day.

First week of 4:3

by croftmaclean on 23 May 2014, 19:39

so i know this is only my second week of fasting, so i am still in the honeymoon period, but i have been finding it really easy - i keep thinking it can't be this easy,am i missing something?

However the weight has been coming off - i know and am prepared for hitting a wall but i am sure i will have a wee while before that happens. The only side effect i have been having is feeling a little tired earlier in the evening but then i have also been busy at work. And i have been a bit off with the kids but no headaches, no stomach pains - the hunger hasn't been bad at all.

I have found the past 2 weeks really liberating - i am doing something that is making a difference to my health with very little hassle factor. Motivation is high and long may it continue.

off to a beach wedding tomorrow and looking forward to enjoying myself - just wish i had knowabout this earlier so i could wear nicer clothes but that will come :grin:

Spring into Fall Challenger #54
Starting 28/6/14 @ 245lb
Current 237lb - 8lb loss
Goal 231lb by 23/9/14

Started 14/5/14 @ 258lb with 118lb to lose.
4:3 Fasting days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Fasting Buddy: battleon77
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