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- May 2016

15 May 2016, 19:49

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Fasting while studying...

Here's the post I added to the introductions forum, which says a bit about my challenges and strategies:

I have dabbled in 5:2 in the past, and I plan to start 4:3 tomorrow (28 July 2015). I eat fish, but not meat and generally eat quite healthily, just too much!

The time has come where I just have to do something about the extra weight I have put on over the last 3 or so years of study due to too many snacks and too little exercise. I'm a full time student, in the final year of writing up my PhD. This ties me to the desk for hours every day :geek: I do get up and move about, my Jawbone reminds me if I spend longer than 30 mins sitting, but it's just not enough. I used to run for fitness, but I have a dodgy knee now, so that's out. I have a 'strider' in my living room, which is great, I can use that whatever the weather. I do 15 mins of yoga every morning to help keep my back flexible. I have a dog, who has not had enough walks recently, so I plan to fit in a 20 minute walk every day with her.

I work on Mondays, and have often fasted on that work day, so I know I can do that. Where I think I will struggle is on days when I am at home and studying. It's all too easy to nip down to the kitchen when I get stuck with writing... So I'm hoping for some support, tips and ideas here!

I generally study in 25 minute blocks, with 5 minute breaks. So here are a few alternatives to snacks I hope might motivate me to stay on target and beat the hunger pangs/comfort food cravings:
- 5 mins on the strider
- Play with the dog for 5 mins
- Drink a glass of water
- Oh, and maybe have a browse on here for motivation/inspiration :grin:

Any other suggestions would be most welcome. And if there are any other students writing theses or dissertations out there, whilst fasting, let me know, perhaps we can support each other.

End of week six

by cwarrior on 04 Sep 2015, 19:30

Well, until today I have faithfully managed to maintain the 4:3 rhythm, fasting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've lost 2.5 kilos, not sure how much off the waist as I've mislaid my tape measure. More importantly, I'm feeling more comfortable in my clothes and myself. I do a short stint of yoga (only 15 minutes) every morning, and the rolls of excess baggage are no longer quite so much in the way.

I have realised that on a week where I am at work on a Monday, fasting Wednesday and Friday doesn't feel like too much of a burden. But when I am at home Monday (as I was this week for the bank holiday), it seems harder. I'm struggling today, though having just added my super healthy (NOT!) food for the day - a mini pack of Hula hoops and a Starbucks veggie wrap, I've noticed that I'm still under 500, whoop, whoop! So I could still make it...

Studying whilst fasting is really hard work. Sometimes, I find it gives me greater clarity, and it certainly saves time. At others, I find myself becoming food obsessed. Best recipe so far is a boiled egg and carrot salad. Two large carrots, grated (200g), with a tablespoon of capers (their vinegar flavours the carrots) and a dollop of Lidls Lighter than Lite mayo works out at about 200 calories and makes a very quick and satisfying lunch.

I see over 2000 people have viewed my blog entry. Please feel free to comment, especially if you have any 'Fasting while studying' tips...

OK, back to the books. :geek:

PhD student, tied to my desk :geek:
Start (July 2015): Weight 80 kg, Waist 90 cm
Current: Weight 76.2 kg, Waist ?? mislaid tape measure :doh:cm
Short term goal: Lose weight in May/June. Add 500 steps a day until averaging 10,000
Long term goal: To wear my designer outfit for graduation Summer 2017 (?)
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