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- June 2013

doing another fast day today
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+ April 2013

update end of day 2

by desertcreature on 19 Apr 2013, 02:44

So yesterday went very well, except I discovered the broth had 2x more calories than I thought, and I ate something unplanned before calculating it's calories. About an hour after my strawberries, I had a third cup of broth (10 calories instead of the 5 I thought it was) and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I would normally pop a stick of gum in my mouth, but since I'm quitting artificial sweetners, I tried to think of something else. I passed the pantry, saw the macadamia nuts and counted out 3, thinking it was such a small amount... Today I weighed out 3 nuts and they weighed 7 grams for 50 calories! At least they weren't all carb calories.
Total calories for day 1 fasting: 579 (38g fat, 33g prot, 38g carb (-12g fiber = 26 net carbs)
Anyhow, I woke up feeling like I could continue the fasting condition till dinner. So I had 2 cups coffee w 3 Tbs HWC (150 cal), and a whey protein shake (150 cal: 25g prot/4g fat/5g carb). Then for the rest of the day I only had plain water. At 12:30 I noticed a little hunger as I finished my first liter, and at 2:15 I heard my first audible gurgle from my belly! Yes, I was a little hungry, but not ravenous! At 3pm I loaded the slow cooker (Fillipino Chicken Adobo) and the smells of garlic and chicken for the next few hours were killer!
At 4:30 I counted 3 macadamia nuts and ate them very slowly...
Finally, the chicken was ready at 6, so I measured out one cup, and 1/4 cup of brown rice. I calculated the calories of my recipe on MFP and that meal was 270 calories.
Then I felt like something a little sweet, so I counted out 5 prunes for another 100 calories.
Total calories for the day: 720 (30fat/63pro/42netcarbs)
I guess it's too much for a fast day, and not enough for a nonfast day. Well, I'm not going to fret about it. I'll have a "normal" day tomorrow, and then fast again on Sunday or Monday.

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