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Into Another Decade! :D

by fancyfinch on 02 Oct 2017, 13:20

It's happened, guys! I've transitioned into the 150's! Down 2.2 lbs this week along with a joyful dip down to 157 before popping back up to rest at 158.2. I can't express just how stellar I feel to be back down here. It's been far too long. Looking in the mirror is getting easier to do. I've noticed my face and shoulders are becoming more slender and angular -- being at my higher weights I was becoming extremely top-heavy with a bulky back, chest, and shoulders. Of course, I didn't get to keep all the nice fat I wanted to. At a healthy weight I tend to have a rather small, flat bottom and it was nice having some extra padding to fill out my rump and balance out my always-large rack. That lovely padding is now disappearing, but I admit I'm willing to sacrifice it for the rest of the progress I'm experiencing.

As a concern, my period was much more painful this cycle (though that might be due to not having taken my zinc for the five days leading up to it). My hormones are doing something wonky, and hopefully they'll even out soon.

I am trying this month to add more whole foods in this month. I have a tendency towards things like coffee and chocolate to the detriment of fiber and nutrients. While I do believe it's good for me to have some delights in this world, my wonky period is reminding me that I need to make sure that I care for my body and not just worry about weight loss and hedonistic revelry. Unfortunately, my painful period has also gotten in the way of my taking care of myself for the simple fact that getting out of bed to make the healthy food is difficult when in a sickened state.

Lessons learned this week:
-(which I already knew but am reminded of) weight loss is not the only marker for health -- a balance of sustainable weight loss AND healthy nutrients is important for my well-being in the long run.
-weighing my food has really been crucial in keeping within my calories -- I was definitely over-estimating portions (paying attention to this is what helped me break my 9-day plateau, I believe)

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1/1/2017 Weight: 183.2 lbs
5:2 Starting Point (8/21/2017): 173.8 lbs
Current Weight: 161.8 lbs
Full Goal: 136.0 lbs
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