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- September 2013
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My Journey - Progress, Feelings & Results

by fat girl slim 4 life on 13 Sep 2013, 12:22

I have been doing 5:2 for 5 days now and I have just found this site. I cannot believe that you can keep track of everything and blog all in one place. Amazing.

I have lost 1.9kg in total so far and am loving the program/way of life. Probably like a lot of people, I have tried a million diets and of recent years, nothing including gym work outs and low calorie meals have been able to shift even a kilo. If anything I was putting on even though I was doing everything they tell you works.

A friend and her husband came over last weekend and they had been doing 5:2 for 2.5 weeks. She had lost 2.8kg and he 8kg. Absolutely amazing, I was inspired by their progress. They told me the name of the book and from there I was glued for a couple of hours, reading. Fully determined, I started the very next day.

I weighed myself this morning on new scales and found that my actual weight was 83.3kg. More than I thought. Makes me more determined than ever to make this work. Thanks to Vicki for the link to BMI website, I can tell you that BMI is 30.60.
I have stuck to Vicki’s advice for clean tastebuds, drinking water all day, other than a coffee at breakfast. I was surprised how much water I drank and not making trips to toilet as often as I thought I would be. (Sorry if that is too much information).

Meal Plan for 500 calories was as follows:
Breakfast at 7.30am
Eggs poached x2 147 cal
Long Black Coffee 2 cal
1/2 cup Raspberries 32 cal
Almond Milk Unsweet 22 cal = 203 Cal

Dinner at 7.30pm
Homemade Chilli Con Carne 225 cal
Chedder Cheese grated 35 cal
Lettuce (under Chilli) 5 cal
Almond Milk Unsweetened 22 cal = 490 Cal in total.

I went out for a walk around the MCG at lunchtime and then a shorter walk while my daughter was at netball practice.

I loved it. I felt in control and powerful that I could make the decision not to eat anything. Every time that I felt a niggle of hunger, I just drank a glass of water. I am amazed that I got through the day as easily as I did. I look forward to the next fast, to test my will power. I know that it was easier cause I knew that it was just one day, but it felt good. I have energy and do not feel tired.

DAY 2 – Normal eating day.
Today was good, but weird. I kept thinking that I didn’t want to wreck all the good work I did yesterday, so, I ate, but I was aware, and the funny thing was I didn’t eat as much as usual. I was satisfied earlier in the meal and so did not have my usual hot chocolate after lunch, or snack when the kids got home from school, and dinner was smaller too. Weird, but if all this is part of how you are supposed to feel then great, it can only work in my favour.

Fast Day again for me tomorrow. I think that I managed so well on my first cause I was organised and at work. Tomorrow will be my first fast day at home. I am hoping that I can keep busy enough to push the thoughts of food out of my brain and not go to the fridge. I am going to put a sticky note on the fridge so that I don’t open it. It is a habit I have, just to go to the fridge and open it and stand there for a short while, deciding what too eat. I don’t want it to be something that I do tomorrow and before I know it, I’ve eaten something that I was not in my calorie count. Stay strong.
Guess I will let you know how it all goes tomorrow. I am about to plan tomorrows breakfast and dinner. Must be prepared.

I know that we aren’t supposed to weight in everyday, but as I am new to this I have decided to weigh in the morning after each fast day to see how it works. This morning I had lost 0.9kg. Pretty happy with that, but after today, who knows.
Yesterday was my 2nd fast day. It was definitely harder as I was at home all day, but I managed to get a walk in and my meals were as follows:

Breakfast at 7.30am
Eggs poached x2 147 cal
Long Black Coffee 2 cal
1/2 cup Raspberries 32 cal
Almond Milk Unsweetened 22 cal = 203 Cal

Dinner at 7.30pm
Dry Roasted Pumpkin 58 cal
Tomato Fresh 5 cal
Green beans 18 cal
Hot Roast Chicken 150g 246 cal = Total 530 Cal

My water intake was back up there, like on my first fast day. I made a cake for the family yesterday and twice I put the mixture to my mouth and then though, “what am I doing”? It did not make it into my mouth. Good new is this morning I weighed in and another 1kg gone forever, that’s 1.9kg in my first 3 days of the program. Results that I have not got on any other program, while still being able to eat what you like on the normal days. I am amazed.

DAY 4 & 5 – Normal Eating.
I have eaten normally on these days, having something sweet if I want, but finding that only a small piece is enough to satisfy me. A glass of water with a meal and I feel really full, almost uncomfortable, so I have decided to eat a much smaller portion for free day meals and have the water and see if I feel a little more comfortable.

Sorry if this is boring for people to read, but it is also a diary of my journey for me. To work out thoughts and be really honest with myself as I have never been before. To face the mirror and really voice how I am doing, feeling and changing.

For me, there is no underlying reason why I have eaten in the past, I just love food, cooking and seeing others enjoy my food. It is an escape for me. So, having 5:2 means that I can still enjoy the food and cooking the food, and if I listen to my body about having smaller portions then I should be able to have my cake and eat it too. Sounds good in theory, lets hope that it works.


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It does work Jenn! Six months ago I started on 5:2 with a BMI of just under 33 and today it is just under 26. Not once have I felt deprived or like I'm on a diet. Wishing you the best of success!
DAY 6 & 7
I am not sure if I can explain, but these days that I can eat what I want are strange. I haven’t eaten as much as I normally would as I am aware that I don’t want to go backwards too much, I also am full quicker anyway and it feels like I am cheating if I have something that I know I shouldn’t. This feeling comes from the old sort of diet that is impressed in my mind from years of dieting every single day. I think that I am having a mental fight with myself, trying to wrap my mind around a fantastic new way to live. I know that this program works as I have read so many success stories on here. Maybe I am going to have to prove it too myself before I can accept the full concept of the program. Does/did anyone else feel like this? Jenn
I prefer fast days. I like the way I feel. I don’t feel too full after a meal. I feel great. I have noticed with my increase in water, it really does fill you up and even though I drink less on the non fast days, I have still been drinking a reasonable amount of water compared to before the fast diet, therefore it is giving me an uncomfortable full feeling, even though I have reduced my meal sizes, I think I am going to have to further reduce meals.
Breakfast 7.30am
Eggs poached x2 147 cal
Long Black Coffee 2 cal
1/2 cup Blueberries 41 cal
Almond Milk Unsweetened 22 cal = 212 Cals
At lunchtime I took a walk around the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) -144 Cal
Dinner 8.00pm
Lamb Steak 100G 192 Cal
Dry Baked Pumpkin 1/2 Cup 58 Cal
Green Beans 100g 18 Cal
Broccoli 1/3 cup 18 Cal = 286 Cal Total = 501 Cal
Love Fast Days.
2nd Fast Day - WEEK 2
Again I really enjoyed my day. It started with an hour long walk and then an hour long massage, a warm shower and a spot of shopping.
Breakfast 7.30am
2x Eggs scrambled with fresh coriander 140 cal
1/2 cup of blueberries 41 cal
Long Black Coffee 2 cal = 183 cal
Heaps of water and another long black.
Dinner tonight at 7.30 will be
Gummy Shark 200g 210 cal
Cooked Tomato 35 cal
1/2 cup wilted spinach 24 cal = 269 cal Total 452 cal
Feeling great. Really relaxed. Hope the feeling lasts for the day and the kids don’t shatter my zone.
P.S. I cleaned the house as it. It is my day off work.
Hi Jenn glad you're doing OK with each fastday well done
I'm sure by no you know it works but if you are in anyway doubtful
Check out my loss amazing considering I've not completed 6 months nd everyone will know when I have because I will proudly post all my results 2 of which will be Very Large Goals reached :heart:
Good Luck and all my best wishes to you :clover: Sue :clover:
Hi Sue,

I just had a look at your progress chart. OMG, you are doing such an amazing job at throwing away your excess. Really well done and inspirational. Keep it up as I have no doubt that you will get to the end of your journey. Yay. Jenn
3rd FAST DAY – Week 2
Today I am doing a 3rd fast day. Haven’t done this before, but had a spare day and as I like the fast days thought that I would give it a go.

Breakfast was at 9am as I slept in (weekend)
2x Eggs scrambled with fresh coriander 140 cal
1/2 cup of blueberries 41 cal
Long Black Coffee 2 cal
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk 22 Cal = 205 Cal

Dinner 8pm
Chicken 100g 246 Cal
Broccoli 1/2 cup 28 Cal
Red Onion 10 Cal
Red Capsicum 23 Cal
Rice Bran oil 4ml 32 Cal = 340 Cal
Close enough = 544 Cal.

Anyway, I think that this might help make up for earlier this week.
I had to throw out a pair of my favourite, comfortable black jeans today cause there was a hole in the top of the leg at the back cause it wears. All I have now is a smaller, tighter, much more uncomfortable pair of denim jeans that I can struggle into, cause I dont want to spend money on a new pair , cause I am hoping that new jeans will not fit for long. Maybe the tight pair will act as a reminder that I should not put anything too bad for me in my mouth on the days off. Jenn
1st Fast Day - Week 3

Today was a hard day. It is school holidays in Australia and kids hubby and myself went for a drive to the coast. We went for a lovely walk along the beach in the sunshine. Of course having 2 teenagers they were hungry and wanting to go to a cafe for lunch. Well I sat there thru milkshakes, fish and chips, margarita pizza with fresh basil and hubby had a caesar salad and a beer. I was strong and only ordered water and a macchiato coffee. I could feel myself getting angry inside. It was a real strain. Could not wait to get out of there. Didn't say anything, but they were all saying "this is really nice" etc. I know they weren't trying to be cruel, but I did feel like I was missing out. This was a spur of the minute decision to go on day trip and I had already committed myself to the idea of doing a fast day as I will find it hard this week to change around things that are already in place. Anyway, I am at the other end of the day now and have survived.

Breakfast 7.30am
2 poached eggs 140 Cal
1/2 cup berries 41 Cal
Long Black Coffee 2 Cal = 183 Cal

Dinner 8.00pm
Cauliflower Rice 1 Cup 29 Cal
Bolognaise Sauce 1/3 Cup 150 Cal
Sprinkle of Parmesan 6 Cal
Homemade Yoghurt 1/2 cup 107 Cal = 292 Cal Total = 459 Cal
Please feel free to write a comment, offer advice etc. I would love to hear how some of you are going.

2nd Fast Day - Week 3

Breakfast 7.40am
Scrambled Eggs 140 Cal
1/2 cup Blueberries 41 Cal
Black Coffee 2 Cal
Splash of Almond Milk 5 Cal = 188 Cal

Went for a walk around the MCG at lunchtime - 2.1km and drank heaps of water.

Dinner 7.30pm
Gummy Shark 200g 210 Cal
Dry roasted pumpkin 1/2 Cup 58 Cal
Grilled Asparagus 24 Cal = 292 Cal total = 480 Cal
I just wanted to say that 2 weeks and 4 days into this I am 3kg down and loving it. Seems to work amazingly well.

I am loving it right now, sitting here with a wine reading and commenting on peoples blogs. It is really great to read the inspirations and honest struggles that people are having as we can all relate at one time or another. Jenn
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