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So, I went on Atkins Diet about 2 years ago, was successful at first but then plateaued. So I switched over to a Primal Diet, and have been doing that in combination with other restrictions for about a year and a half. Basically low carb or very low carb for the entire time.

Yesterday, I got a hankering for oatmeal. So I cooked up a batch of Steel Cut Oats, tossed in an egg (add protein and make it more custard-ey), some KerryGold butter, a splash of stevia, a tablespoon of walnuts and YUM! I really missed oatmeal.

SW 3/1/13 =274.8
CW= 268.4 up after an up day
Calories = 1730
Net Carbs = 134g/32%
Fat= 97g/52%
Protein= 70g/17%
Sleep =6:50 91%
Steps= nevermind! I start back on the treadmill tomorrow, still have a bit of congestion going on.

So, a big part of the reason that I put on pounds on my non-fast days is that I don't drink as much when I am at home. I do drink the coffee and tea in the morning and cups of tea throughout the day, but never finish even one of the 50oz bottles...

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Nearly 5 years, my how time flies. My current weight is 135, and I have decided to start fasting more often to get to my goal of 128. Anything between 128-132 is good these days. I have been around...

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With two big holiday events in the past 10 days, my eating parameters have suffered a bit to say the least! For some reason I just could not get myself to fast this past week AT ALL, plus those two events...

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I feel like I've entered the doldrums of weightloss, where everything goes sooooo sloooowly.... But I've finally touched the 152's! Yay! And I went clothes shopping this past weekend (my body was looking...

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Popped back up to the 155 range this morning (10/30/2017), but feels like this is the ceiling instead of the floor this time, which is encouraging. Besides, my monthly cycles appeared today, so must allow...

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I'm currently shifting a lot of my mindset and methods this week, so I'm jumping off the weeks and switching to days. This is, after all, a whole life kind of thing, right? Besides, I don't like having...

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Good luck, @moderatemeals! I think you'll love this way of life!
Losing 1.6 pounds is hardly a plateau! You are not going to keep losing at the same rate as the beginning. You should be very happy with 1 pound a week!
Thanks for the comment, cblasz.
Maybe this WOE is so successful that everyone's lost the weight and got on with their lives! I can hope ...

Yes, it is terribly dead here, especially lately. I think that people either just have all the information they need or have stopped this WOE. It is a shame. But stick around. It seems to go in waves....

Hi, I subscribed to the blog and get an email when there is a new entry - so I have read, and enjoyed every one !!!!


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